This page is dedicated to the memory of those who have died through the contaminated blood disaster. The people remembered here are just a few of those that are no longer with us, and appear on this page courtesy of their friends and families who have given their kind permission and, in most cases, have provided tributes to their loved ones themselves.

If you have someone you would like remembered here, please contact Sue at to submit your memory.

Gareth Lewis
Born 14th November, 1958, died aged 52 on 13th December, 2010

On 25th February 2011 a memorial service was held in Cardiff to commemorate the life of Gareth Lewi... more...

Haydn William Lewis
Born 27th December, 1956, died aged 53 on 21st May, 2010

Known variously as Superman, Yoda, H, L'oreal, Lucky Lou and Mr Snark, Haydn was many things to many pe... more...

William John Dumbelton
Born 30th September, 1942, died aged 49 on 23rd October, 1991

With less than 0.01 Factor Vlll in his blood, William was a severe haemophiliac, and because of that he suffered from many bleeding episodes throughout his life.  He... more...

Colin John Smith
Born 23rd August, 1982, died aged 7 on 13th January, 1990

'That.' Said Colin, from his bed which was surrounded by beer cans and pizza boxes, 'was the best night I've had!' Even then, not long before he died, Colin loved havin... more...

Bob Threakall
Born 12th March, 1943, died aged 47 on 20th February, 1991

To his mum he was always Robert. His two older boys called him dad and our youngest knew him as Daddy. However, his best friend was often heard to refer to him as 'Mr Wee... more...