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BBC News – Monday 29 October 2012
Penrose blood inquiry: Call to hear more witnesses
An inquiry into how hundreds of people were infected with hepatitis and HIV from NHS-supplied blood products has been told it should hear evidence from more witnesses. Patrick McGuire, of Thompsons Solicitors, said it was important to establish the scale of the tragedy. “There appears to be a lack of appetite to go the extra distance to achieve the desired results…”

The Huffington Post – Friday 26 October 2012
David Cameron Urged to Apologise Over Contaminated Blood Travesty
Sue Threakall: “Although the evidence had all been given, solicitors acting for the families have requested that Lord Penrose looks again at some of the statistical evidence on the number of haemophilia infections and deaths, and this is being done next Monday, 29 October. …As I said before, we expect our NHS to cure us, not kill us, yet it has never been accountable for this most awful and heinous disaster where innocent people died or suffered appalling health problems as a result of the treatment th

BBC Radio Sussex (Campaign TB) – Wednesday 24 October 2012
Radio Interview with Mark Ward
Mark Ward: “Whatever happens it will have to impact on the whole of the United Kingdom. Although the Inquiry is taking place in Scotland and the English Government in Westminster are trying to distance themselves for that by saying it’s a Scottish inquiry for the Scottish governemnt, the evidence they are looking into actually happened pre- devolution, so it’s the actions that the Westminster government took during the 70s and 80s across the whole county – that’s what he’s actually looking into.”

BBC South East Today – Tuesday 23 October 2012
Mark Ward on the evening edition of the news programme BBC South East today.
Chris James, Haemophilia Society: “I think there are questions for the government to answer – there were a number of mistakes made at that time and one of the other things we would like to see is a public acknoledgement from the Prime Minister in Parliament to apologise to people for what has happened.”

Private Eye – Thursday 19 April 2012
Awaiting delivery
As the judicial inquiry in Scotland into the scandal of contaminated blood products which infected thousands ofhaemophiliacs and transfusion patients with deadly HIV and hepatitis C heard final legal submissions, many surviving victims fear another whitewash.

The Herald Scotland – Sunday 1 April 2012
Why the truth about Scotland’s bad blood scandal may never be known
Philip Dolan: “Doctors came and gave evidence that they told patients such and such, but there was not the opportunity for patients to say what has been said was not true. We had hoped the outcome of this would be helpful, but at the closure it doesn’t seem to be. One would like to be optimistic but the failure to let people be heard raises questions as to what we can expect.

BBC Scotland – Friday 30 March 2012
Penrose contaminated blood inquiry evidence to end
Legal representatives at the Penrose inquiry into contaminated blood are preparing to make their closing submissions. Speaking before the final day of public hearings, Bill Wright, chair of Haemophilia Scotland, said the inquiry chairman “holds our hope in his hands”.

STV (on YouTube CampaignTB Channel) – Friday 30 March 2012
Penrose Inquiry into blood infections draws to a close
Lord Penrose is set to hear the final evidence in his probe into how hundreds of patients received contaminated blood. Lord Penrose: “I will now begin writing my final report based on the evidence provided. Updates on my progress will be added to the inquiry website on a regular basis.”

STV (on YouTube CampaignTB Channel) – Friday 30 March 2012
STV News Compilation – Penrose Inquiry – 6pm
Penrose Inquiry Final Day A selection of early evening news bulletins from all Scottish TV / STV regions… (All of the STV regional coverage of the Penrose Inquiry from Friday 30th March 2012)

Lanark Gazette – Thursday 29 March 2012
Blood infection inquiry set to end
A long-running inquiry into how people were infected with hepatitis C and HIV from contaminated blood is holding its final evidence session. Mr Wright also stressed: “Lord Penrose’s findings need to be followed by action. If such decisive action is not taken, the frustration, confusion, hardship and grief will remain and the issue will not go away.”

The Herald Scotland – Tuesday 28 February 2012
Hepatitis C victims call for apology
Helen McArdle reports: Testimonies gathered by the Penrose Inquiry into the scandal reveal how one woman lost her mother to the disease following a contaminated blood transfusion while giving birth in 1974. She lost the infant despite the transfusion, & her own health suffered. The woman, named only as “Bridie”, said: “The anger never goes away…”

BBC Parliament (CampaignTB, YouTube Channel) – Tuesday 28 February 2012
Welsh Assembly – First Ministers’ Questions: on Plans to Improve Services for Haemophiliacs
Carwyn Jones, First Minister: “No, we look to provide compensation where that is appropriate…” Note: As can be seen in the extract, the ‘compensation’ term is still being used when they in fact mean ‘financial support’.

Chichester Observer – Saturday 25 February 2012
Our pleas are being ignored, says blood crisis victim from Southbourne
Mr Jacobs: “Evidence in the Archer Enquiry backs up what I’ve said. Letters exist using the terms that I’ve laid out here. So why are we being denied a full public enquiry? Why are we being denied compensation?… …Why is the public servant who represents me in parliament ignoring me?”

Parliament TV (CampaignTB, YouTube) – Wednesday 8 February 2012
Private Members Debate – Haemophilia Care
Westminster Hall – 4.05pm. Chaired by Diana Johnson MP (North Hull – Labour) / APPG on Haemophilia Duration : 30mins 18secs

BBC Radio Humberside – Wednesday 8 February 2012
Chris James and Diana Johnson MP on the Andy Comfort Breakfast Show – 7.35am
Chris James of the Haemophilia Society, Steven Dorrel and Diana Johnson MP talk to Andy Comfort about the upcoming Westminster Hall debate due to take place later on today at 4.00pm

The Mail – Sunday 5 February 2012
Revealed: Plans to secretly test 30,000 NHS blood transfusion patients as CJD fears escalate
Thousands of NHS patients could be secretly monitored by the Government for symptoms of the human form of mad cow disease amid concerns that there could be another wave of infections. Chris James, chief executive of the Haemophilia Society, said: ‘We are shocked to learn there was ever any suggestion of non-consensual monitoring.

The Independent – Saturday 14 January 2012
vCJD blood test used in UK
A blood test for the human form of mad cow disease is being used in the UK for the first time, it has been revealed. Professor Collinge: “We have recently offered this test to UK neurologists and colleagues around… the world (who) are sending us samples from patients in which variant CJD is a possibility in the diagnosis.

Channel 4 footage – Friday 13 January 2012
Blood Test Breakthrough
A blood test for variant CJD is for the first time being offered to patients from around the UK and some from abroad who are suspected of having what was once known as mad cow disease. (Victoria Macdonald – Channel 4 Heath & Social Care Correspondent)

Parliament TV (CampaignTB, YouTube Channel) – Friday 25 November 2011
Contaminated Blood Bill blocked again
The Contaminated Blood Bill has been blocked again. The debate has now been moved to Friday 20th January 2012. (Video duration: 29 seconds)

BBC Three Counties Radio – Wednesday 16 November 2011
Liz interview on BBC Three Counties Radio
Helen Lee interviews Liz who highlights the risks of vCJD transmission in blood. (pre-recorded – date unknown)

The Sunday Times – Sunday 18 September 2011
60,000 may have human variant of mad cow disease
John Collinge, professor of neurology at University College London and a former member of SEAC, said it was not known how sensitive to the test vCJD was during incubation but blood donors would almost certainly have included those with the disease. He said: “I don’t think people would accept that level of risk of being infected with HIV or hepatitis. I am surprised this finding has not triggered more action.”

BBC Hereford and Worcester – Thursday 7 July 2011
Colette Wintle is interviewed on the Nathan Turvey evening “drive” programme.
This interview addresses the Government’s promise to hold a Public Inquiry into recent ‘phone hacking’ by News of the World / News International.

BBC News Scotland – Tuesday 8 March 2011
Contaminated blood victims in plea for inquiry truth
Patients in Scotland who were given contaminated blood in the 1970s and 1980s have called for truth and honesty from an official inquiry.

The Hertfordshire Advertiser – Monday 7 March 2011
St Albans Hepatitis C woman to continue fight for compensation
A St Albans woman has vowed to continue battling for compensation after being infected with Hepatitis C as a child from contaminated blood.

Gareth Lewis – YouTube – Saturday 26 February 2011
Rememberance Slideshow
This fabulous slideshow was shown towards the end of the Gareth’s rememberance service in Cardiff.

Veronica German AM – Blog – Tuesday 8 February 2011
Renewed call for equal compensation for Welsh victims of the contaminated blood scandal
The Welsh Liberal Democrats have renewed calls for the Welsh Assembly Government to act quickly to ensure that Welsh victims of the contaminated blood scandal receive the same compensation as those in England.

BBC Radio Sussex – YouTube – Friday 4 February 2011
Radio interview with Mark Ward
Neil Pringle interviews Mark Ward and talks about the risks of blood and blood products contaminated with variant vCJD.

The Huddersfield Daily Examiner – Thursday 20 January 2011
Huddersfield man rejects Governement’s settlement over HIV blood
A Huddersfield man who contracted HIV, Hepatitis C and CJD from contaminated blood, has slammed a new government settlement.

The Northern Ireland Independent – Wednesday 19 January 2011
Hepatitis tribunal solicitors earn over €125m
A handful of solicitors’ firms have shared more than €125m in legal fees from the Hepatitis C compensation tribunal.

BBC Radio Coventry & Warwickshire – YouTube – Tuesday 18 January 2011
Radio interview Geoffrey Robinson MP
This interview is a response by the Coventry North-West MP, to the statement / review made by Andrew Lansley on Monday 11th January in the House of Commons.

BBC Radio York – YouTube – Wednesday 12 January 2011
Radio interview with Richard Warwick
Jonathan Cowap interviews Richard Warwick on his ‘real stories’ programme, following the Government announcement on Tuesday 10th January 2011. Includes a piece by Elly Fiorantini, broadcast later in the day

BBC Radio Coventry & Warwickshire – YouTube – Tuesday 11 January 2011
Radio interview with Joseph Peaty
Annie Othen interviews Joseph Peaty in a follow-up to the statement / review made by Andrew Lansley on Monday 10th January in the House of Commons.

BBC Radio Humberside – YouTube – Tuesday 11 January 2011
Radio interview with Glenn Wilkinson
Glenn Wilkinson gives his reaction to the Government announcement made on Monday 10th January in the House of Commons.

The Lancashire Telegraph – Tuesday 11 January 2011
Blackburn man infected with HIV by tainted blood slams Government
A Haemophiliac infected with HIV in the ‘Tainted Blood’ scandal has branded the Government ‘a disgrace’ for refusing to pay compensation.

House of Commons – YouTube – Monday 10 January 2011
Statement on Contaminated Blood
Andrew Lansley gives his long awaited statement on support for victims of contaminated blood products.

The Guardian – Monday 10 January 2011
Increased offer for infected NHS patients ‘disappointing’
Following the Government announcement today, a spokesman for Tainted Blood, pronounced the offer while Haemophilia Society chief executive Chris James said the payments “would not bring closure to many people”

BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester – YouTube – Monday 10 January 2011
Radio interview with Colette Wintle
Interview with Colette Wintle on the Nathan Turvery Show, following today’s Government review / statement.

BBC Newsnight – Susan Watts – Monday 10 January 2011
Government payments for Haemophiliacs unlikely to satisfy campaigners
There are things to be welcomed in the Government’s statement, the Haemophilia community sees this as a gesture rather than settlement. These measures will not bring closure for the majority and a great opportunity has been missed.

BBC Radio Wales – YouTube – Monday 10 January 2011
Radio interview with Lynne Kelly & Owen Smith MP
An interview with Lynne Kelly, followed by initial reaction to the statement from Pontypridd MP, Owen Smith, on the Good Evening Wales programme.

BBC Radio Coventry & Warwickshire – YouTube – Wednesday 22 December 2010
Radio interview with Joseph Peaty
Annie Othen interviews Joseph Peaty on her breakfast programme, after the Government lied to victims about issuing a promised resolution before Christmas 2010.

Press Association – Tuesday 21 December 2010
Haemophiliacs dismayed by delay
Haemophiliacs infected by contaminated blood products in the 1980s voiced dismay after a ministerial ruling on compensation was delayed into the New Year. Public health minister Anne Milton had intended to announce her response by the end of 2010, but has now said she would not publish her report until January 2011.

Wales Online – Thursday 16 December 2010
Haemophilia pressure group’s leader dies
Gareth Lewis, a Haemophiliac infected with contaminated NHS blood who led a campaign on the issue has died just months after his campaigning brother. Gareth was one of 5,000 people along with his brother Haydn, who unwittingly caught HIV and hepatitis C in one of the biggest medical scandals of the past 30 years.

The Independent – Wednesday 1 December 2010
World Aids Day letter by Andy Evans
This World Aids Day marks 30 years since Haemophiliacs began to be infected with HIV and Hepatitis C through what Lords Morris and Winston dubbed “the worst treatment disaster in the history of the NHS”. Since that time, more than 2,000 of the 4,670 adults and children infected with Hepatitis C have died, including 900 of the 1,200 who also contracted HIV.

The Los Angeles Times – Saturday 27 November 2010
Chinese boy who contracted HIV/AIDS through tainted blood
Tian Xi is one of perhaps 1 million Chinese infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, as a result of blood transfusions at government-run hospitals. About 1 million more people were infected through the process of donating blood.

BBC News Bedfordshire – Tuesday 23 November 2010
Tainted blood case at High Court
A woman who was infected with hepatitis C after a blood transfusion more than 20 years ago has begun a High Court bid for compensation. Sharon Moore, 50, from Dunstable in Bedfordshire, was among thousands given contaminated NHS blood supplies in the mid-1980s.

House of Lords – YouTube – Wednesday 17 November 2010
Contaminated Blood Bill – 3rd Reading
The Contaminated Blood – Support For Infected and Bereaved Persons Bill.

BBC Radio Coventry & Warwickshire – YouTube – Wednesday 3 November 2010
Radio interview with Sue Threakall
Annie Othen interviews Sue Threakall on her morning breakfast programme.

South Wales Argus – Tuesday 26 October 2010
Risca man’s battle for blood victims
A RISCA haemophiliac who was infected with a life threatening virus in an NHS transfusion is campaigning for better compensation from the Government.

Parliament TV – Friday 22 October 2010
House of Lords : Contaminated Blood & Beareaved Persons Bill – 2nd reading
Second reading of Lord Morris of Manchester’s Bill in the House of Lords

The Press Association – Friday 22 October 2010
Tainted blood aid law ‘not needed’
Legislation is not the right way to help victims of a contaminated blood scandal in the 1970s and 1980s which led to thousands of NHS patients contracting HIV and hepatitis C, the Government has said. Health ministers last week launched a review of levels of state help and NHS provision for the 2,700 survivors and the relatives of the 2,000 who have since died.

The Plymouth Herald – Thursday 21 October 2010
Widow’s anguish as blood blunder husband, 70, loses his fight for life
The widow of a major blood scandal victim who lost his fight for life this week, said her brave and caring husband was “murdered” in the NHS disaster. Ron Venton has died aged 70 of liver cancer directly linked to the hepatitis he contracted through infected blood.

The Bolton News – Thursday 21 October 2010
Sickened by MPs ‘bad blood’ decision
One cannot imagine the torment and sense of victimisation felt by David Fielding, one of 2700 survivors from the original 4670 sufferers of the worst cases of death by mismanagement in NHS history, reported in the story

The York Press – Thursday 21 October 2010
The Death of Valerie Mattison
Valerie Mattison died peacefully in hospital on October 15th, 2010, aged 67 years. Much loved mum of Andrew and Theresa, mother-in-law of Jo and Nick, loving grandma of Luke, Emily, Laura and Ben, very dear sister of Richard and daughter of the late Harry and Norah.

Northamptonshire & Towcester News – Tuesday 19 October 2010
Contaminated Blood and Blood Products Debate
Andrea Leadsom MP for South Northamptonshire spoke up for the people who were infected by contaminated NHS supplied blood and blood products in the 1970s and 1980s

Daily Mail – Monday 18 October 2010
2000 dead and still no justice for the victims
A few months after his birth, Colin developed a bruise on his knee. It was seen by his aunt, whose son was ­haemophiliac, and she instantly knew what it meant the baby was also a sufferer from the blood ­disorder nicknamed the ‘royal disease’ after it swept through Queen Victoria’s family.

French Tribune – Friday 15 October 2010
Health minister’s ‘deep regret’ over HIV blood, no payments released
The government has denied to raise the pay of haemophiliacs who were offered contaminated blood in the 1970s and 1980s The blood mayhem caused a total of 4,670 haemophiliacs in the UK unwittingly given blood contaminated with hepatitis C. 1200 were reported to have been infected with HIV. The blood was received from US, including drug users and prison inmates.

BBC Wales News – Thursday 14 October 2010
Minister rules out higher pay-out for blood victims
Campaigners hoping for higher compensation payments for victims of a 1980s contaminated blood scandal have had their calls rejected. In a Commons debate public health minister Anne Milton ruled out a suggestion by a 2007 public inquiry to match those made in the Irish Republic.

The Kidderminster Shuttle – Thursday 14 October 2010
Kidderminster woman welcomes Commons tainted blood debate
A KIDDERMINSTER woman who contracted hepatitis C after being given contaminated blood products will attend a historic debate in Parliament addressing the tainted blood scandal. Ros Cooper, 36, of Shrubbery Street, was diagnosed with type III von Willebrand disease (vWD) – a severe bleeding disorder – when she was six months old.

Injuries Direct Website – Thursday 14 October 2010
Contaminated Blood Victims Call For Compensation From Government
Campaigners for victims of contaminated NHS blood products have won a historic House of Commons debate.Member of Parliament for Pontypridd, Owen Smith described the debate as “hugely” important and hoped it would lead to a full scale inquiry and eventual compensation for sufferers.

The Press Association – Thursday 14 October 2010
Minister ‘sorry’ for Blood Scandal
Public health minister Anne Milton has expressed her “deep regret” over a contaminated blood scandal that involved thousands of NHS patients contracting HIV and hepatitis C. Ms Milton said she was “deeply sorry about the events” that led to the infection of patients in the 1970s and 1980s.

UK Wired News – Thursday 14 October 2010
Minister rules out higher pay-out for blood victims
Campaigners hoping for higher compensation payments for victims of a 1980s contaminated blood scandal have had their calls rejected. In a Commons debate public health minister Anne Milton ruled out a suggestion by a 2007 public inquiry to match those made in the Irish Republic.

The Guardian – Thursday 14 October 2010
Government refuses to increase payments to victims of contaminated blood scandal
The government has rejected a plea to dramatically increase payments to haemophiliacs given contaminated blood in the 1970s and 1980s. Public health minister Anne Milton said increasing payments in line with the recommendation of an independent report into the scandal would cost £3bn and was unaffordable in the current climate.

London Evening Standard – Thursday 14 October 2010
Public health minister Anne Milton has expressed her “deep regret” over a contaminated blood scandal
Ms Milton said she was “deeply sorry about the events” that led to the infection of patients in the 1970s and 1980s. Mr Robinson’s motion calling on the Government to match compensation payments with those of the Irish Republic was defeated by 285 votes to 44, majority 241.

Daily Mail – Thursday 14 October 2010
Health minister regrets HIV blood scandal but higher compensation payments are ruled outs
MPs spoke of the ‘human tragedy’ during a backbench Commons debate led by Labour former minister Geoffrey Robinson, as victims and their families looked down from the public gallery Mr Robinson condemned the Government’s commitment to hold a review as ‘useless’. The Coventry NW MP said victims deserved higher compensation payments, as recommended by an independent inquiry carried out by Lord Archer of Sandwell.

Hull Daily Mail – Thursday 14 October 2010
Hepatitis victim’s 15-year fight for justice over bad blood scandal goes to Parliament
A father-of-two who was given contaminated blood during a routine operation is calling for compensation from the Government. However, he only discovered he had contracted Hepatitis C, which can lead to liver cancer and death, 12 years after receiving the tainted blood.

Hull Daily Mail – Thursday 14 October 2010
My virus is left to run riot and do its worst
Glenn Wilkinson is one of almost 4,800 patients infected with Hepatitis C after he was given contaminated blood in what has been described by Lord Robert Winston as The worst treatment disaster in the history of the NHS.

ITV Wales – YouTube – Thursday 14 October 2010
Early Morning News Clip
A short overview of the House of Commons debate on Compensation for Contaminated Blood taking place later on in the day…

BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester – YouTube – Thursday 14 October 2010
Interview with Colette Wintle
Radio Interview with Colette Wintle on the Nathan Turvery Show following the debate in the House of Commons.

BBC Coventry & Warwickshire – YouTube – Thursday 14 October 2010
Interview with Joseph Peaty
Annie Othen interviews Joseph Peaty on the Breakfast Programme. This second interview, is from the morning prior to the debate.

BBC Radio Sussex – YouTube – Thursday 14 October 2010
Interview with Mark Ward
Simon Furber interviews Mark Ward, following the House of Commons debate. Broadcast at 5.27pm

Milton Keynes Citizen – Thursday 14 October 2010
My deadly legacy from an American convict…
Liz, a 57-year-old grandmother, had never given a thought to the unknown prisoner thousands of miles away until she received an unexpected note from health officials almost 30 years ago. It read simply: ‘You tested positive for Hepatitis C.

The Bolton News – Wednesday 13 October 2010
Commons debate on blood scandal
The “bad blood” scandal, which left thousands of haemophiliacs infected with HIV and hepatitis B and C including two Bolton brothers, will be debated in the House of Commons for the first time. David Fielding, aged 54, of Farnworth, who needed a liver transplant after contracting hepatitis B and C, says he hopes it will finally result in “proper” compensation for the victims.

The Yorkshire Post – Wednesday 13 October 2010
Demand for payouts in tainted blood row
THE Government is under pressure to finally offer compensation to people infected with HIV and hepatitis C from contaminated blood. MPs from across the political divide will today demand Ministers offer the victims an apology and financial assistance in line with the findings of a public inquiry concluded last year.

BBC Wales – YouTube – Wednesday 13 October 2010
Vicitms of the Contaminated Blood Disaster demonstrate outside Westminster
Ms Milton was speaking in the first debate led by backbench MPs, earned by Pontypridd MP Owen Smith after the death of one of his constituents, Leigh Sugar. Mr Sugar, a 44-year-old haemophiliac, died in June of liver cancer caused by Hepatitis C he contracted through contaminated blood in the 1980s. His family joined campaigners lobbying for compensation.

ITV Calendar News – YouTube – Wednesday 13 October 2010
News Bulletins from the demonstration and Commons debate
A selection of 3 news bulletins from Wednesday 13th and Thursday 14th October 2010

BBC Coventry & Warwickshire – YouTube – Wednesday 13 October 2010
Interview with Joseph Peaty – Part 1
This is the first part of a radio interview hosted by Annie Othen, the day before the House of Commons debate

BBC Coventry & Warwickshire – YouTube – Wednesday 13 October 2010
Interview with Joseph Peaty – Part 2
This is the second part of a radio interview hosted by Annie Othen, the day before the House of Commons debate

Campaign Demo Photographs – Wednesday 13 October 2010
Westminster Demonstation Photographs / Slideshow
A selection of photos and video clips from our small group demonstration at Westminster on Wednesday 13th October 2010.

ITV Daybreak – YouTube – Wednesday 13 October 2010
Television Interview with Mark Ward
An interview with Mark wark on the Sussex regional edition of ITV Daybreak, prior to the backbench committee meeting.

BBC Radio York – YouTube – Monday 11 October 2010
‘My Story’ morning programme
Jonathan Cowap interviews Richard Warwick This radio interview is in 3 parts

The Press and Journal – Saturday 9 October 2010
Hepatitis C campaigner calls for government to outline its plans
A Highland campaigner has called for the coalition UK Government to set out how it plans to deal with the contaminated blood scandal when patients given blood transfusions were infected with life-threatening illnesses.The long-running row over the infection and compensation for the hundreds of people with hepatitis C and HIV will be debated in the House of Commons for the first time next week.

Amateur Video Footage – YouTube – Friday 8 October 2010
A Service of Hope – The Church of St Botolph without Bishopsgate – London
This special service was held by the Reverend Alan Tanner, in rememberance of the 2000 Haemophiliacs that have died as a result of being infected with deadly virus from contaminated NHS blood products, given to them as part of their treatment in the 1970’s and 1980’s – This video is in 3 parts

Irish Independent – Wednesday 6 October 2010
Death toll for patients given Hep C rises to 188
THE number of people who died after receiving contaminated blood or blood products has now risen to 188

Yorkshire Television – Calendar News – YouTube – Friday 1 October 2010
Legacy of the Tainted Blood Scandal
Thousands of patients were infected with deadly diseases at British hospitals – effectively given death sentences by their own health services. Here is the story of two of them from the Yorkshire / Lincolnshire region – Glenn Wilkinson and Nick Sainsbury. For over 25 years, campaigners have fought for full a public inquiry and proper compensation for those affected.

The Huddersfield Daily Examiner – Thursday 30 September 2010
NHS blood gave Colne Valley man HIV and Hepatitis C
A man who contracted potentially fatal conditions from contaminated blood is calling for a public inquiry. The man, who has chosen to remain anonymous to protect his family, developed HIV, hepatitis C and CJD after being treated by the NHS with blood donated by American prisoners in the 1970s

South Wales Evening Post – Wednesday 22 September 2010
Blood Debate Lond Overdue – Nia Griffith MP
..this is about obtaining proper compensation for people who were infected with HIV and hepatitis C from contaminated blood products in the 1970s and 1980s. I’ve lobbied ministers on this issue, and a proper debate in the main chamber will really make the Government take notice.

Coventry Telegraph – Tuesday 21 September 2010
Allesley HIV sufferer backs compensation call over infected transfusions
Coventry HIV sufferer Joseph Peaty has welcomed news of a Parliamentary campaign demanding the government pays full compensation to victims of the “tainted blood” scandal.

BBC Midlands Today – YouTube – Monday 20 September 2010
TV Interview with campaigner Colette Wintle
Colette Wintle is interviewed on the evening edition of the regional news programme

BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester – YouTube – Monday 20 September 2010
Radio interview with campaigner Colette Wintle
Nathan Turvery interviews Colette Wintle on the BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester evening programme.

BBC Wales Tonight – YouTube – Friday 17 September 2010
A short TV clip with MP Owen Smith
A welsh MP has secured the first ever debate secured though a Backbench Commitee meeting.

BBC News Politics – Sunday 12 September 2010
Government denies £2.5bn sickness benefits cut agreed
The government has played down reports that ministers have agreed to cut £2.5bn from benefits paid to those who are too sick to work.

Praksha Sharma – Topnews US – Thursday 9 September 2010
Infected Scottish Patients Call in For another Round of Inquiry into Blood Scandal
A revelation has been made by the Scottish patients, who were infected with hepatitis C or HIV after they were dripped with tainted blood, and the kind of impact that the instance has had upon their lives – English is obviously not the writer’s first language!

The Scotsman – Thursday 9 September 2010
Hepatitis C sufferers tell how ‘manky’ blood devastated their lives
Scottish patients infected with hepatitis C or HIV through blood products have revealed the devastating impact on their lives as the first stage of a major inquiry ended. The victims, who received the contaminated blood or blood products in the 1970s and 1980, told of long delays in getting their diagnosis, the stigma associated with their infection and the terrible symptoms.

BBC Wales Today – YouTube – Thursday 2 September 2010
New Hepatitis Drug INX-189 – Successful Trials
Scientists at Cardiff University say the first human clinical trials on a new drug to treat infections caused by the Hepatitis C virus, have been successfully completed. The oral medication INX-189, prepared at Cardiff University’s Welsh School of Pharmacy in 2008, could now become an approved medicine, the school said.

Carol Grayson Blog – Tuesday 6 July 2010
A Bloody Success
On 30th June (one of the hottest days of the year), haemophiliacs walked, limped and wheeled themselves from Trafalgar Square to Westminster with an admirable determination to fight for their cause. Campaigners took to the campaign trail to highlight the plight of those infected with HIV and hepatitis C (HCV) through NHS blood products in what Lord Winston described as “the worst medical treatment disaster in the history of the NHS”.

BBC Radio Sussex – You Tube – Monday 5 July 2010
Interview with Mark Ward following the demonstration in London on 30th June 2010
Sarah Gorrell interviews Mark Ward on the BBC Sussex afternoon programme This radio interview is in 2 parts

BBC Radio Hereford – Monday 5 July 2010
Interview with Colette Wintle
Howard Bentham interviews Colette Wintle on the BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester breakfast programme. Time of transmission : 7.05am

Mike Naworynsky – Deputy Sergeant at Arms – Thursday 1 July 2010
Letter in response to the T-shirt ‘fiasco’ at security in Westminster on 30th June 2010
Letter to Diana Johnson MP from the Sergeant at Arms, in response to campaigners at the London demonstration having to remove their T-shirts, before being allowed to enter Westminster.

BBC South East Today – YouTube – Wednesday 30 June 2010
‘Blood Lobby’ of Parliament
Mark Ward gives an interview with Ian Palmer, outside Downing Street Broadcast 1.33pm – repeated again at 6.50pm

ITV – Wales Tonight – YouTube – Wednesday 30 June 2010
Demonstration Coverage
Chris Perry reports on the Contaminated Blood Demonstration, which took place earlier in the day in London.

Amateur Video Footage – Wednesday 30 June 2010
London Demonstration – 30th June 2010
This 8 minute video shows the events of the day’s demonstration around Westminster, Downing Street and the Department of Health Over 200 campaigners attended on the day.

Alex Terrell Blog – Friday 25 June 2010
What do contaminated blood campaigners deserve?
“If you do a straw poll of affected haemophiliacs, they’ll tell you they would rather have the government admit liability than see a penny of compensation. Yet the two go hand in hand. In terms of media scrutiny, the political and legal rigmarole of years of lobbying and campaigning, have managed to keep the issue out of the headlines, and into a few middle-pages of the papers…”

Western Mail – Alex Terrell reports – Monday 7 June 2010
Campaigner loses fight for life, but blood battle goes on
[TaintedBlood would like to point out that this article originally contained the following two errors: Haydn Lewis was not from Penarth, he was from Cardiff. Colin Smith did not die of natural causes.] Haydn Lewis, one of the leading campaigners fighting for justice for the victims of the contaminated blood scandal, has died….

BBC Parliament / Democracy Live – YouTube – Thursday 3 June 2010
House Of Commons – Paul Goggins MP
Paul Goggins – (Lab) Wythenshawe and Sale East, asks Sir George Young to arange with the secretary of state for health, to urgently set out the Government’s approach to supporting infected Haemophiliacs, following the outcome of the Judicial Review.

BBC Parliament / Democracy Live – YouTube – Wednesday 2 June 2010
House of Lords – Oral Question
Earl Howe, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (DoH), answers the oral question laid down by Lord Morris of Manchester. Earl Howe : “I take these matters very seriously and take as read my wish to see those who’s health is suffering as a result if this tragedy, are properly looked after by the NHS – Having said that, it is early days yet…”

BBC Parliament / Democracy Live – YouTube – Wednesday 26 May 2010
Contaminated Blood (Support for Infected and Bereaved Persons) Bill
On Wednesday 2nd June 2010, Lord Morris of Manchester will ask Her Majesty’s Government, for their response to the implications for the Department of Health and Haemophilia patients infected by contaminated NHS blood products of the High Court judgment in March v Secretary of State for Health and what action they will be taking…

BBC Newsnight – YouTube – Friday 21 May 2010
Announcement of the death of haemophiliac campaigner Haydn Lewis
Gavin Esler: You can find more about Haydn and about the development in his campaign on Susan Watts’ blog and that’s on our website.

BBC Newsnight Blog – Friday 21 May 2010
Death of haemophiliac campaigner Haydn Lewis
Susan Watts: “…Haydn wanted to understand what went wrong, and he unearthed more about this than pretty much anyone, and did so not just for himself but for scores of other families he knew who were, and are, in a similar situation. He was a walking encyclopaedic guide to the thousands of government documents in which officials, scientists, doctors and politicians revealed how thousands of haemophiliacs became infected just like Haydn.”

The Sun (SunTalk) – Thursday 20 May 2010
Colin calls in to Jon Gaunt’s “free speech” Talk Show
Jon Gaunt: “…But how do you feel let down by this Coalition, cause you think they won’t address that problem?” Colin: “Absolutely. In the Liberal Democrat’s manifesto on page 44, the Liberal Democrat’s wholeheartedly […] supported us throughtout. Well we’ve just had the publicity of the Coalition deal between the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives… Jon Gaunt: “and is it not in there?” Colin: “…absolutely fantastic, no, it’s not …” (audio MP3)

Suite 101 Website – Wednesday 5 May 2010
vCJD Families Protest outside Downing Street, London
Families of vCJD victims gathered outside Downing Street, on 4th May 2010, to demand the UK government reveal the true numbers of people affected by vCJD. An effective test is available but they will not use it. Why not? Christine Lord, Grahame Bell and other members of the protest think it’s maybe because screening people’s blood would reveal the true magnitude of the problem… – The Street Wire – Tuesday 4 May 2010
Families of CJD victims take protest to the Prime minister
A group of campaigners who have been fighting for the government to release information on the extent of the spread of vCJD gathered today at No’10 to protest as vCJD continues to claim victims over 10 years after meat products have been branded safe… The campaigners also highlighted the danger of CJD infection by blood transfusion…

Herbert Smith LLP e-bulletin – Friday 30 April 2010
Quashing a decision on the basis of material error of fact
In R (March) v Secretary of State for Health [2010] EWHC 765 (Admin), Mr Justice Holman in the High Court quashed on the grounds of material error of fact a decision by the Secretary of State concerning the level of ex gratia payments…The case is significant because it further demonstrates that material error of fact is now a distinct ground of challenge in judicial review proceedings & shows how this will be applied by the courts in appropriate circumstances to quash public authorities’ decisions

BBC Radio 4 – Tuesday 27 April 2010
Contaminated Blood – Gordon Brown phone-in
Gordon Brown: “I know Lord Archer and I know Lord Morris very well and I will talk to them about this, but I know the problem about the contaminated blood products, I know that people were affected by them and I know that you have a big reason for asking for a proper remedy – yes we will make sure that we take all steps so that this could not happen in the future and I will talk to Lord Morris and Lord Archer about the compensation issues that you raise.”

Bolton News – Tuesday 27 April 2010
‘Bad blood’ ruling welcomed by victim
David Fielding, aged 54, of Farnworth, who needed a liver transplant after contracting hepatitis B and C, has welcomed the ruling. Mr Fielding said: “This now puts the ball firmly in the Government’s court. It gives us another chance of closure and a proper and fair compensation package.”

The Express – Friday 23 April 2010
HIV: Families of NHS patients take fight to No 10
Families of NHS patients given blood contaminated with HIV and hepatitis marched to Downing Street yesterday to hand over a petition demanding better compensation… …Widow Gillian Purnell said: “We want justice. The Government have treated us like second-class ­citizens.”

Worcester Standard – Friday 23 April 2010
Hope for justice rests on election
Collette Wintle: “It is morally repugnant this Government has chosen repeatedly to deny justice to the victims and their families nor offer an apology and has refused to offer proper compensation, despite the findings and recommendations of Lord Archer of Sandwell’s inquiry,”…

SouthWest Business News – Thursday 22 April 2010
Blood campaigners take fight to No 10
Gill Purnell and her son Edward are to lay a wreath of white lilies outside Number 10 along with two other widows and their respective families to highlight their campaign for justice… Mrs Purnell said: “The fact that I have lost my husband does not mean that I will give up. He suffered so much latterly that I have to fight on for his justice on his behalf.”

Norwich Evening News – Wednesday 21 April 2010
Norwich man welcomes hepatitis decision
Now, in what has been described as an historic day by health campaigners, the judicial review has been successful and the government’s decision not to accept the Archer Report’s recommendations has been quashed by the High Court. Mr Colyer: “This is a major step for us. It means the government cannot appeal against legitimate recommendations made by a thorough report…”

Kester Cunningham John News Service – Wednesday 21 April 2010
Man infected by ‘bad blood’ vows to continue compensation battle
“…despite this, a 25-year battle, and the criticism of a government inquiry, the battle continues. One has to ask why? Incompetence? Inertia? Or,cynically, the hope that there will be fewer and fewer left to compensate?…”Good Luck to Mr Colyer. We support him and wish him and his fellow sufferers success, and soon.

Solicitors Journal – Tuesday 20 April 2010
New government to decide on haemophiliac compensation
Michael Vian Clark, a non-pracitising barrister at Michelmores in Exeter, acted for March: “There is an independent tribunal in Ireland which assesses compensation on the basis of need in the same way as other civil damages claims,”… …“The government here has produced no evidence to back up its view.” (USA, New York) – Monday 19 April 2010
U.K. Government Is Reviewing Blood Contamination Compensation
An independent inquiry had recommended that these Britons receive compensation on the same level as the victims of a recent blood contamination scandal in Ireland. In that case, people received an average of £750,000 ($1.1 million) if they contracted hepatitis C and up to £101,000 ($154,939) if they contracted HIV…

The Times – Saturday 17 April 2010
Composer wins a rethink over cash for blood victims
A High Court judge ruled yesterday that the Government’s approach “has been, and remains, infected by error”…

The Scotsman – Saturday 17 April 2010
Composer who caught HIV from NHS blood wins court battle
Haemophiliac Andrew March, 36, had criticised the government’s refusal to match higher payouts in the Republic of Ireland… Mr Justice Holman said the way the government had reached its decision was flawed, though he said it was not up to him to rule on the amount paid…

Guardian – Saturday 17 April 2010
Court ruling may help contaminated blood victims win higher payouts
A classical music composer who was infected by HIV when he was nine, who later developed hepatitis, won a judicial review that challenged the basis of health ministers’ decision last year not to increase the payments…(this article appeared on p6 of the main section of the Guardian on 17.04.2010)

Liverpool Echo – Saturday 17 April 2010
St Helens widow “overjoyed” at contaminated blood compensation ruling
Sandra Molyneux, from St Helens, lost her husband, Alan, in 1985, after he contracted the virus from a blood transfusion at the Royal Liverpool Hospital. Mrs Molyneux: “I am overjoyed at this decision. This is a test caseand means the whole fight can move forward.”

Peterborough Evening Telegraph – Saturday 17 April 2010
Composer wins blood payout challenge
The judge said he wished to make absolutely clear that the allocation of resources was entirely a matter for the Government. But it had been faced with a specific reasoned recommendation, which it had rejected, of comparability or equivalence with Ireland, where “very much higher” payments were made to sufferers and their dependants.

TopNews USA – Saturday 17 April 2010
Composer Wins Legal Dispute Over Impending Reimbursement Worth Thousands of Pounds
Andrew March, a 36 year old, had sought a legal evaluation cancelling a governmental pronouncement, which stated not to honor reimbursement to victims of an impure blood scandal on the similar level as those in the Republic of Ireland… …A High Court judge ruled yesterday that the Government’s declaration was full of errors.

Michelmores Medial Negligence News – Saturday 17 April 2010
Michelmores’ win Andrew March tainted blood High Court judicial review
Mr Justice Holman ruled that the way the UK government had reached its decision was flawed but said it was not his role to rule on the amount paid…

Guardian – Friday 16 April 2010
Court ruling may help contaminated blood victims win higher payouts
Government faces pressure to give more compensation, but judge warns campaigners against ‘false optimism’

Belfast Telegraph – Friday 16 April 2010
Man wins infected blood payout case
…the judge said he was satisfied that the Government’s approach “has been, and remains, infected by an error”.

IC Newcastle – Friday 16 April 2010
Man wins infected blood payout case
…a judicial review was warranted as the decision was made for manifestly bad reasons…

Asian Leader – Friday 16 April 2010
Composer wins blood payout challenge
…the judge said he was satisfied that the Government’s approach “has been, and remains, infected by an error”…(this is a PDF of the cache of the article which has since disappeared from the Net)

Big on Glasgow – Friday 16 April 2010
Tainted blood damages ruling due
…A ruling is due over Andrew March being given contaminated blood…

BBC Radio 4 (6 pm News) – Friday 16 April 2010
BBC Radio 4 Interviews Andrew March
A haemophilia who contracted HIV through contaminated blood has won a legal challange against the Government over compensation…

Daily Star – Friday 16 April 2010
Man wins infected blood payout case
The Government has refused to assess compensation on the same basis as in the Republic of Ireland…

ITN News – Friday 16 April 2010
Haemophiliac wins compensation case against Government over contaminated blood products
A haemophiliac who contracted HIV and hepatitis C from contaminated blood products has won his challenge against the Government’s refusal to make adequate compensation payments. Andrew March was praised by the judge for his fight to have payments in the UK assessed on the same basis as those in Ireland… (Video: duration: 0:31) – Mumbai, India – Friday 16 April 2010
Campaigner wins tainted blood case
Andrew March, 36, had criticised the government’s refusal to match higher payouts in the Republic of Ireland…

Norwich Evening News – Monday 12 April 2010
I`ll keep fighting for hepatitis C victims
Haemophilia Society chairman Liz Rizzuto: `The government statement brings not one penny of new support to arguably the most needy minority in Britain today. We hope that people across the country will join in our protest about this unsatisfactory response to the worst ever treatment disaster in the history of the NHS. `

Wales Online – Thursday 8 April 2010
Review into contaminated blood payments brought forward
Jenny Willott, MP: `I am delighted the Government has finally decided to bring forward the date of this review. Everyone involved in campaigning for blood-scandal victims agrees that 2014 is far too late for a review and would mean many more victims dying before changes are made.`

AHCS – Australian Hepatitis C Support – Wednesday 31 March 2010
Judicial review on tainted blood
…A judicial review is to be heard by the High Court over calls for higher compensation to the victims of contaminated blood… (BBC source material)

Claims Standards Council Medical & Legal (CSC) – Friday 26 March 2010
Contaminated-blood victim in court
At the start of the hearing, which is expected to last two days, the judge said that thousands of people were affected by the long-running campaign and the amounts at issue were very large – running up to £3.5 billion on the Irish scale as opposed to millions…

The Yorkshire Post – Friday 26 March 2010
Leading composer given tainted blood launches payout challenge
It was Mr March`s case that the reasons for the decision did not provide an adequate basis for it, but embodied a `fundamental mischaracterisation` of the Irish scheme. Philippa Whipple QC said there was no misunderstanding let alone error of fact by the UK Government.

Michelmores Medial Negligence News – Monday 22 March 2010
Background briefing on contaminated blood judicial review
…Quite simply, the government is wrong about Ireland: 1. Compensation in Ireland is not fault based. In both countries payments are ex gratia and not designed to acknowledge fault on the part of the state… 2. The Irish scheme was not set up in response to findings of fault…

The Bolton News – Monday 15 March 2010
Fight for `bad blood` victims blocked again
A campaign to compensate haemophiliacs given `bad blood` has been blocked by MPs. Among those campaigning for it to become law was David Fielding, from Farnworth… He needed a liver transplant after contracting hepatitis B & C and his brother Brian died in 1990 at the age of 46, after being infected with HIV.

BBC Radio Humberside (The Peter Levy Show) – Friday 12 March 2010
Uncomfortable Interview for Gillian Merron on Contaminated Blood
…what actually matters is what we can do to support those – in a practical sense – to support those who we very tragically were done to wrongly without people knowing, in the past, but that doesn’t deny the fact that their lives have been changed radica & tragically & I completely understand why people lobby with me on that & the Government & I’m trying to find a way forward. (MP3 File. Size: 3.65 Mb)

Chichester Observer – Thursday 11 March 2010
Dad`s Fight for Justice over NHS `disaster`
Andy Jacobs: …The evidence is lengthy and shocking, a conspiracy that makes the TV series Survivors look like a walk in the park… …When you see the letter from a hopsital on page 52 of the evidence PDF where they are refusing to inject patients with hepatitis you`ll see I`m no mad conspiracy theorist and it`ll make your blood run cold…

The Guardian – Friday 5 March 2010
CJD victims’ families lose high court battle to change compensation scheme
Families of people who developed the incurable variant CJD today lost their high court battle to change what they saw as a flawed compensation scheme. Mr Justice Silber said: “I am unable to conclude that the decision to reject the radical proposals was irrational or unlawful.”

BBC Radio Stoke (Breakfast) – Thursday 4 March 2010
Stephen O’Brian MP talks to Pete Morgan
Shadow Minister for Health, Stephen O’Brian MP: “…I’ve undertaken that we will take a very urgent and clear review of this and I can’t just promise something which doesn’t have the full information in front of me – what I can do is make sure that this is given the most urgent and necessary priority and that I conduct a fully open and really urgent review, and that is exactly what I intend to do.” (MP3 audio – 6.02 Mb)

BBC Radio 4 – Saturday 27 February 2010
Lord Morris talks to the Today Programme
The government delayed for a second time a Bill intended to give compensation to the families of haemophiliacs who were infected with contaminated blood in the 1970s and 80s… The Contaminated Blood (support for infected and bereaved persons) Bill was brought in by Lord Morris in response to what he saw as an inadequate response by the government to the Lord Archer inquiry.

Farnham Herald – Friday 26 February 2010
Tainted blood victim predicts Government will hold up legislation
A Farnham man who is campaigning for new legislation involving safeguards for patients receiving blood and blood products now believes there will be no Government action until after a general election… “It could have been allowed to progress ‘on the nod’ but the Government objected to it,” said Mike, predicting the same will happen today when the bill is ninth on the list.

BBC Newsnight Blog – Friday 26 February 2010
Time running out for haemophiliac’s bill (by Susan Watts)
This week saw the first anniversary of the Archer report, yet most of these recommendations have been left unanswered. And there has not been a debate in the House of Commons in government time – as the Archer team was led to expect… (Please note there is a section for reader’s comments)

The Sunday Times – Sunday 21 February 2010
HIV patients on antiretoviral drugs age before their time
Mark Ward caught HIV from a blood transfusion in his teens. Now, at 40, he has the body of a pensioner. Are the drugs that saved his life to blame?… Mark Ward: “Our parents were told to take us home and spoil us a bit. Take us to Disneyland quickly if they wanted to, because we only had a couple of years to live.”

Michelmores Medial Negligence News – Monday 15 February 2010
Transfusion victim fights for pay-out
A man who caught Hepatitis C from a blood transfusion is fighting the Government for more compensation…(Article from the Leicester Mercury)

Bristol Evening Post – Letters – Saturday 13 February 2010
Letters: Bristol MP defends role in passing blood bill
Ms Kerry McCarthy MP: “I am writing in response to your article regarding the Contaminated Blood Bill, and my role in the House of Commons as Duty Whip last Friday. Your headline about ‘playing political games’ is highly misleading…” (Please note there is a blog at the end of the article for reader comments.)

Warrington Guardian – Thursday 11 February 2010
Medical fury over delaying tactics
A haemophiliac says he is frustrated after the contaminated blood bill he campaigned relentlessly for was deferred in the House of Commons… Mr Kenwright: “I think what the Government has done is perverse…” …But the Government said it was not appropriate for the bill to be passed without debate as time had run out before it came up on the order paper & the decision was called by junior whip MP Kerry McCarthy…

Norfolk Eastern Daily Press – Friday 5 February 2010
Norwich Hepatitis C sufferer demands justice
On Wednesday, the Haemophilia Society descended on parliament to lobby MPs to accept a bill, which will offer a fair deal for those contaminated in the blood disaster… Mr Collyer: “This bill is very important to all those people who were infected and have spent more than 20 years fighting…”

BBC Sussex Breakfast – Friday 5 February 2010
Mark Ward talks to Suzanne Bambera
Mark Ward: “This Bill will make sure that our safety, everybody in Britain’s safety, is adhered to & the things that happened to the haemophiliacs & others back in the 70s & 80s – still no lessons have been learnt because… they are still ignoring data & facts today & other contaminants are still being passed on.” (Large file: 6.92 MB) Duration: 7:33

Ellee Seymour – ProActive PR – Thursday 4 February 2010
Eric Pickles and the Contaminated Blood Bill
Suddenly, Eric Pickles walked by, and people seized their moment to grab his attention. Then a middle-aged man I was standing next to limped over to him with the aid of two walking sticks, thrust a folded piece of paper into his hand and pleaded: “Will you please read this, it’s my story and I would like you to read it.” …The man’s name is Steve Nicholls and he is a haemophiliac…

Guardian (Letters) – Saturday 30 January 2010
Contaminated blood bill must become law
Ruth Rendell: “As one who has written a book about haemophiliacs and what they endure, I have been made indignant and very angry by their further sufferings due to contaminated blood used in their NHS treatment.” “…It would be unforgivable if it fails to receive a second reading in the Commons. This must not happen. This bill must become law…”

The Bolton News – Friday 29 January 2010
“Bad blood” victim in Commons fight
Dave Fielding: “I’ll fight until my last day for justice for those who have died, the ongoing victims and future haemophiliacs.” Dr Iddon said: “I’m part of the fight and always have been and this will continue.”

BBC Parliament / Democracy Live – YouTube – Thursday 21 January 2010
House of Lords : Contaminated Blood & Beareaved Persons Bill – 3rd reading
On this day, peers debated and passed the Contaminated Blood (Support for Infected and Bereaved Persons) Bill at the third reading. The bill provides a compensation package for individuals infected by contaminated blood or blood products on the NHS, as well as their widows, carers and relatives – this video is in 2 parts

Irwin Mitchell Media Centre – Thursday 31 December 2009
Contaminated Blood Victim Gets Go-Ahead For Court Challenge In Battle For Justice
A woman infected by Hepatitis C after a contaminated blood transfusion more than 20 years ago has been given the go-ahead by a High Court judge to launch a landmark legal challenge in the latest stage of her long-running battle for justice… …Her solicitors Irwin Mitchell have now been given High Court permission for a Judicial Review against the exclusion of Ms Moore from an official compensation scheme…

Michelmores Medial Negligence News – Wednesday 16 December 2009
Plea to compensate haemophilia victims
An attempt to compensate and support victims of the `worst-ever treatment disaster in the history of the NHS` was launched in the Lords yesterday…

Michelmores Medial Negligence News – Wednesday 16 December 2009
Lord Morris corrects the government`s assertion over the basis for the Irish hepatitis compensation scheme
Michelmores` clinical negligence team applaud Lord Morris` helpful clarification in Parliament of the circumstances of the Irish Hepatitis C & HIV Compensation Tribunal. The issue of the correct response to Lord Archer`s Inquiry shows no signs of abating.

BBC Radio 4 – Friday 11 December 2009
Haydn Lewis Interview (Second Reading of Contaminated Blood Bill)
Haydn Lewis (ref. Government’s response to the Archer Inquiry): “They haven’t really taken their head out of the sand, if you want – because they don’t particularly want to accept any responsibility because they’d be prettyembarrassed if they did, because obviously there were things that could have been done differently to avoid the infection…” (MP3: Duration 4:39. Size: 4.26 MB)

BBC Radio 4 Today Programme – Wednesday 19 August 2009
Coroners ‘reject plea over vCJD’
Michael Powers QC and Professor Graham Medley, of Warwick University, discuss whether doing such tests would undermine coroners’ neutrality… (Audio 9:01)

Portsmouth News – Wednesday 19 August 2009
Coroners urged to help track mad cow disease
Christine Lord, from Southsea, said: “I’m looking for coroners to do their duty to face a ticking health time bomb.”

Michelmores Medical Negligence News – Wednesday 19 August 2009
Coroners reject plea over vCJD
Scientists said the checks during post-mortem examinations could help find out how many people in the population have the infection without knowing it… (Source Portsmouth News)

Canadian Press – Wednesday 19 August 2009
Britain to start mad cow study to find out how many people are silently carrying the disease
…Until now, British coroners say the law only allows them to test for a person’s cause of death, not for coincidental infections…

Parliament TV (CampaignTB, YouTube Channel) – Wednesday 1 July 2009
Archer Inquiry Report – Westminster Hall Private Members’ Debate
. Archer Inquiry Report into Contaminated Blood Products – Chaired by Jenny Willott MP. (This is recently discovered early video footage of the debate post the Archer Report. )

This is Cheshire – Thursday 28 May 2009
Grappenhall man’s fury over decision not to compensate hepatitis C victims
Mike Kenwright: “The response has completely failed to look at the hardships faced by the victims of infection from hepatitis C and those exposed to CJD…”

South Wales Argus – Wednesday 27 May 2009
No payout for Newport Aids boy’s tragic death
Mrs Smith said: “We were absolutely devastated, it was utter disbelief. This is the final insult.”

Coventry Telegraph – Monday 25 May 2009
‘Tainted blood’ victim pledges to fight on for friends
Andrew March: “This year, I have lost two friends – one a haemophiliac and the other who received infected blood as a transfusion,”… “I have to carry on campaigning for friends who no longer can.” (Note: the article consists of 2 pages with a continuation page link available on the first page…)

BBC South East Today – Saturday 23 May 2009
Haemophiliac Outraged that Government Is Not Doing More To Help
Mark Ward: “There are people out there, without haemophilia, who were given Hepatitis C purely because they had a blood transfusion…” (fast-forward to 1:40 for the report)

The Mirror – Thursday 21 May 2009
Hep C blood victims get compo snub
Thousands of haemophiliacs infected with hepatitis C by the NHS were yesterday refused extra compensation… – Wednesday 20 May 2009
Government’s blood scandal response is ‘shameful’ – Willott
Jenny Willott, MP: “The Government’s response is shameful and underlines their appalling and cynical behaviour over this issue.”

BBC News Wales (Radio) – Wednesday 20 May 2009
Contaminated blood probe hope
Janet and Colin Smith want closure after their son died after being given contaminated blood… Janet: “…like I said it’s gone on for a very, very long time. There’s so many sick people out there now and I just feel that closure would be a good thing today.” (MP3 3:23)

Medical News Today – Friday 24 April 2009
Haemophilia Society Hopes Lords Debate Will Bring News On The Implementation Of The Archer Report
Chris James: “After two years of detailed work the Archer Report makes a series of recommendations to strengthen the voice of patients and to properly compensate those affected by this disaster…” – Wednesday 15 April 2009
Toll From Hepatitis C Infections Revealed
The report tracked the progress of over 1,700 people infected with Hepatitis C through tainted blood or blood products.

The Plymouth Herald – Saturday 11 April 2009
Man’s dying months will be a fight for compensation
“…The victim of an NHS blood blunder who has just been diagnosed with terminal liver cancer is fighting for compensation before he dies.” (please also see the comment section at the end of this article…)

STV Scotland News – YouTube – Tuesday 31 March 2009
Penrose Inquiry Begins
Victims who were infected with Hepatitis C and HIV from contaminated blood will not receive extra compensation, an inquiry heard on Tuesday – Hundreds of people, including haemophilia sufferers and other patients, were given contaminated blood in the 1970s and 1980s. – Thursday 26 March 2009
Help Combat The Contaminated Blood Disaster
Sue Threakall wrote to highlight the plight of those infected and affected by the contaminated blood disaster…..

Cordis News – Thursday 26 March 2009
Updated EC Legislation On The Protection Of Animals Used In Research Raises Questions
For example, chimpanzees are particularly important for the development of a hepatitis C vaccine because they are the only other primates who are susceptible to the disease.

BBC News – Monday 23 March 2009
Synthetic Blood From Embryos Bid
The blood should be free of infections like the human form of mad cow disease.

Warrington Guardian – Sunday 22 March 2009
Michael’s Battle For Justice Goes On
Michael Kenwright, infected with hepatitis C during a blood transfusion, had a second battle to fight…

Evening Star – Saturday 21 March 2009
Compensation Battle Goes On
Tim Yeo, MP for South Suffolk, said the Department of Health should have taken part in the inquiry

Isle of Wight County Press (IWCP) – Friday 20 March 2009
Infected blood victim speaks out
“If 2,000 people dropped down dead in Ryde High Street there would be national mourning…”

Manchester Evening News – Thursday 19 March 2009
‘Test blood for mad cow disease’
Lord Morris says that haemophilia victims of contaminated blood now face a deadly new threat.

Irish Medical Times – Monday 16 March 2009
IBTS looks at vCJD screening tests
THE IBTS is carrying out qualitative research among donor groups…..

The Journal Live – Saturday 14 March 2009
Research prize for blood campaigner Carol Grayson
Carol Grayson, Health campaigner, has won a leading research prize…

AABB SmartBrief – Tuesday 10 March 2009
U.K. seriously considers compensation for “tainted blood” victims
U.K. government officials are considering compensating thousands of people who received…

Manchester Evening News – Monday 9 March 2009
New hope for ‘tainted blood’ victims
Demands for compensation are being seriously considered by the government…

Ipswich Evening Star – Monday 9 March 2009
HIV sufferer fights for compensation
Abuse, alienation, loss of livelihood – this is the price one Ipswich man has paid…

The Evening Star (Ipswich) – Monday 9 March 2009
HIV sufferer in battle for compensation
Colin (alias): “Twenty years is a long time to wait for an apology.”

Daily Mail – Saturday 7 March 2009
Meat eaters face ban on ‘clean’ transfusions amid new CJD fears
The suggestion by the Government’s advisory committee on the Safety of Blood, Tissues and Organs (Sabto)

Private Eye – Friday 6 March 2009
Contaminated Blood – It’s Still A Bloody Scandal
Click here for link to Private Eye Edition 1231

The Guardian – Friday 6 March 2009
Yesterday in Parliament – Blood
Alan Johnson, the health secretary, would respond “as soon as we are able”… (scroll down the page to the 12th paragraph)

Health Service Journal HSJ – Thursday 5 March 2009
Michael White on contaminated blood
“…Archer told me; officials have ganged up from the start against an inquiry”

Wales Online – Thursday 26 February 2009
Infected blood tragedies
Haydn Lewis: report did not go far enough in accusing previous governments of breaking the law.

This is Cheshire – Thursday 26 February 2009
Imported blood was about saving money
Haemophiliac Michael Kenwright: “I don’t think they will even give the report a second glance…”

Daily Mail – Wednesday 25 February 2009
Monstrous betrayal of the blood victims
“In France, this same scandal saw both the prime minister and the health minister charged with manslaughter.”

BBC News – Tuesday 24 February 2009
Contaminated blood cases ‘tragic’
Sue Threakall, from the campaign group from Tainted Blood whose husband died….

BBC News Channel – Tuesday 24 February 2009
Contaminated blood cases ‘tragic’
Gareth Lewis: ‘I had my house painted with ‘Aids scum”

BBC Newsnight Debate – Tuesday 24 February 2009
Debate: whose fault is contaminated blood?
Jeremy Paxman is joined by Andrew March, haemophiliac & Judith Willets from the Archer Inquiry

BBC Newsnight – Tuesday 24 February 2009
Contaminated blood scandal
Newsnight’s Science Editor Susan Watts investigates whether it really was just an accident

The Times – Tuesday 24 February 2009
Edward Purnell, a victim’s son, seeks apology over contaminated blood
Twelve days ago, Bob Purnell’s son, Edward, said goodbye to his father….

The Times – Tuesday 24 February 2009
Victims of tainted blood scandal deserve higher damages, inquiry says
The report described the incident as “a horrific human tragedy”….

The Sun – Tuesday 24 February 2009
Blood is on Their Hands
David Fielding, victim of the NHS contaminated blood scandal accused governments of murder

The Times – Tuesday 24 February 2009
Commentary: After years of delay, the time has come to pay up
Libby Purves: “Although the NHS meant them no harm, it has done it.”

Medical News Today – Tuesday 24 February 2009
Haemophilia Society Welcomes Lord Archer’s Two-Year Enquiry (Lord Morris & Chris James quoted)
Chris James: “The Haemophilia Society agrees that an inquiry into the contaminated blood disaster should have been held sooner. We cannot thank Lord Archer and Lord Morris enough for finally making this happen….”

ITV This Morning – Tuesday 24 February 2009
Carol Grayson and Gareth Lewis talk to Fern Britton and Phillip Schofield
Click here: Live streaming unavailable – please download and watch (Note file size is 100Mb)

Aberdeen Press and Journal – Tuesday 24 February 2009
I was forced to give up work, aged 30
Bruce Norval believes contaminated blood plasma concentrate infected him when he was three…

La Estrella Panamá (Ciudad de Panamá) – Tuesday 24 February 2009
Tainted blood in UK – No One To Blame
“It is difficult to avoid the conclusion that commercial interests took precedence over public health concerns…”

The Journal, Newcastle – Tuesday 24 February 2009
Journal’s Bad Blood campaign praised
“…Carol Grayson said she was still waiting for an apology from the Government…”

Law Society of Scotland Journal – Tuesday 24 February 2009
Tainted blood inquiry calls for higher compensation for victims
Law Society of Scotland: “Health Secretary Kenneth Clarke assured MPs in 1983 that there was no evidence that Aids was transmitted by blood products.”

CNN – YouTube – Tuesday 24 February 2009
UK Tainted Blood Scandal
Lawrence McGinty (ITN): “…The tragedy had its roots in the 70s and 80s with a new treatment for haemophilia which involved extracting clotting factors from thousands of blood donations. [The] trouble was, the NHS couldn’t supply enough. The Government shilly-shallied about building new facilities and in the meantime imported American blood products which were infected with HIV and hepatitis…” (Duration: 1:51)

The Associated Press (from Seattle Times) – Monday 23 February 2009
No individual blame in UK’s tainted blood scandal
Britain’s government has consistently refused to conduct an inquiry….

Virgin Media News – Monday 23 February 2009
Contaminated Blood – the anguish
Hepatitis C sufferer David Fielding reacts to the report published today… (Click here for interview)

BBC Radio 4 Today Programme – Monday 23 February 2009
‘Worst medical disaster’ for NHS
Patient Haydn Lewis & Dr Mark Winter discuss the after effects of the blood transfusion disaster

BBC Radio 5 Live – Monday 23 February 2009
‘Doctors knew blood was infected’
Haemophiliac Collette Wintle talks to BBC Radio 5 Breakfast

BBC News – Monday 23 February 2009
‘Human misery’ of blood failings
Lord Archer of Sandwell, said it was difficult to imagine a worse disaster for the NHS

BBC News Channel – Monday 23 February 2009
A public inquiry has condemned the failings…
Sue Threakall, widow, tells the BBC what she makes of Lord Archer’s report

The Times – Monday 23 February 2009
Tainted blood case study: ‘My family believe my brother was murdered’
As a result of hepatitis, Mr Fielding developed cirrhosis & by 1998 needed a transplant…

The Guardian (Alexandra Topping) – Monday 23 February 2009
Archer report: ‘I’ve been taken for a ride by the powers that be’
Haydn Lewis, haemophiliac, contracted HIV & hepatitis C from infected blood products

The Guardian (Alexandra Topping) – Monday 23 February 2009
‘No one has ever taken responsibility’
Widow Carol Grayson campaigns for haemophiliacs like her husband Peter Longstaff

The Guardian – Monday 23 February 2009
‘After all these years, after all we have suffered, we want an apology’
Four people speak out about living with HIV or about the death of a loved one

Sky News – Monday 23 February 2009
Fatal Blood Transfusion Inquiry Findings
The findings of an independent inquiry…

ITN News – Monday 23 February 2009
Contaminated blood delays ‘horrific’
1000s die from contaminated blood (YouTube video)

The New York Times – Monday 23 February 2009
Britain: Report on Infected Blood Sidesteps Blame
“…many of the products came from American suppliers that obtained blood from prison inmates…”

BBC News Channel – You Tube – Monday 23 February 2009
Bad Blood given to 5,000 British Haemophiliacs
Haydn Lewis on BBC News Channel (News 24)

The Journal Live – Monday 23 February 2009
Report due on contaminated blood scandal
Later today former Solicitor General Lord Archer of Sandwell will release his long-awaited report…

Sky News – Monday 23 February 2009
Probe Attacks NHS ‘Bad Blood’ Scandal
Nearly 2,000 haemophilia patients died as a result of “bad blood” transfusions…

The Financial Times – Monday 23 February 2009
Compensation call for haemophiliacs
“The government should pay compensation and cover future health and insurance costs…” (copy of cached text)

Channel 4 News – Monday 23 February 2009
Contaminated Blood Report
Victoria Macdonald reports on the release of Lord Archer of Sandwell’s report

BBC News Channel – Monday 23 February 2009
Widow welcomes blood report
Carol Grayson has given her backing to the findings of an Inquiry into how thousands… (video clip)

Evening Standard (This Is London) – Monday 23 February 2009
Infected blood victims ‘deserve apology and proper compensation’
“The former solicitor general said subsequent health crises such as variant CJD, the human form of mad cow disease, could have been avoided if officials had taken swift action.”

Elton John AIDS Foundation – Monday 23 February 2009
Archer Inquiry Publishes Report
Carol Grayson (Haemophilia Action UK): “Attending the Archer Inquiry is also helping me find some closure on this issue.”

CBS News – Monday 23 February 2009
U.K.’s Tainted Blood Scandal Probed
“Surviving victims were left bitterly disappointed with the two-year inquiry.”

The Telegraph – Monday 23 February 2009
Blood inquiry condemns ‘procrastination’ which led to thousands of patients being infected…
The authors of the report said they were “dismayed” at the time taken by the Government and scientific agencies to respond to the dangers of Hepatitis C and HIV infections…

Birmingham Post – Monday 23 February 2009
Thousands given contaminated blood
The report noted: “The haemophilia community feels that their plight has never been fully acknowledged or addressed.”

Tiscali Breaking News – YouTube – Monday 23 February 2009
Contaminated Blood – The Anguish
David Fielding responds to the findings of the Archer report, given at the press conference earlier in the day.

BBC News Channel – Friday 20 February 2009
Living with Haemophilia and HIV
Haemophiliac Gareth Lewis talks about his experience of being exposed to HIV in the early 1980s

Evening Standard (This Is London) – Friday 20 February 2009
Ministers in imported blood blunder accused of cover-up
Gareth Lewis: victims want an official apology, full compensation for their trauma

Daily Mail – Friday 20 February 2009
Ministers accused of cover-up over NHS imported blood scandal
“Campaign group TaintedBlood told the Evening Standard that Whitehall officials have still not released at least 30 documents to the inquiry panel…”

The Guardian – Wednesday 18 February 2009
UK could import more blood to counter BSE risk from transfusions
Safety Advisers considering increasing blood imports to reduce the risk of vCJD infections

Medical News Today – Wednesday 18 February 2009
Haemophilia Society Demands Urgent Action On VCJD Blood Transmission
Chris James, Chief Executive of the Haemophilia Society commented saying: “This terrible news…”

BMJ – Wednesday 18 February 2009
Haemophilia patient had variant CJD agent in spleen
“It is the first time the vCJD agent has been found in a patient with haemophilia or anyone treated with a plasma product.” (Extract only)

BBC Newsnight – Tuesday 17 February 2009
Mad cow disease risk from donated blood
The government is to announce today that a haemophiliac contracted vCJD

The Telegraph – Tuesday 17 February 2009
Thousands at risk of human form of mad cow disease after haemophiliac’s death
Thousands of haemophiliacs are at risk of developing vCJD…

Daily Mail – Tuesday 17 February 2009
Blood transfusion fears after haemophiliac contracts vCJD for the first time
Thousands of haemophiliacs have been warned they are at risk of the human form of mad cow disease after a sufferer became the first to contract the condition…

Star Newspaper – Thursday 29 January 2009
Insurance Cover for Hepatitis Sufferers (Bank of Ireland)
Bank of Ireland is to offer mortgage protection and life insurance to people who contracted HIV and Hepatitis from infected blood products. `It enables those eligible to avail of life insurance without any extra costs that would arise because of their diagnosis of Hepatitis C and/or HIV…`

The Guardian – Monday 26 January 2009
Government withholding blood scandal evidence
The government is accused of withholding documents that could be vital to uncovering…

BBC Newsnight – Wednesday 17 December 2008
Fears raised over new vCJD wave
Susan Watts gives an exclusive report on the discovery of vCJD in a new genetic group

The Guardian – Friday 21 November 2008
‘I’d faced death – the shame was worse’
Daniel Parker and his brother Jason were teenagers when they found out that doctors had given…

Medical News Today – Thursday 23 October 2008
Variant CJD And Blood Transfusion
Patient died from vCJD after receiving blood transfusion from donor who subsequently also had vCJD

BBC News – Monday 20 October 2008
Blood test for vCJD ‘unrealistic’
Screening donated blood for vCJD is unrealistic & would scare away donors, government advisors say…

ITV Documentary – Friday 26 September 2008
Labour Of Love
What happens when one of a couple has HIV and they try to have a baby? This documentary is in 2 parts

The Evening Times – Thursday 25 September 2008
Scot hits out over “betrayed” HIV victims
Gary Kelly said a meeting last Thursday further excluded his group…

The Associated Press – Monday 25 August 2008
Victims of Britain’s tainted blood scandal speak out
Robert Mackie trembles with rage when he describes how he and his wife were kept in the dark about his HIV infection…

NHS Choices – You Tube – Thursday 31 July 2008
HIV Real Story – Mick Mason
Mick Mason: “…back then the stigma was huge, it really, really was big…” “…We had two lives, we had the life that me and my wife had in our home where we could quite openly talk about my status… and outside of that we had to watch everything, the stress levels were huge for years and years…”

BBC Radio 4 – You and Yours – Monday 7 July 2008
You and Yours with special guest Kelly Duda
The Arkansas Connection: Kelly Duda, producer of “Factor 8” talks to You & Yours (ram audio)

The Southern Reporter – Wednesday 30 April 2008
AIDS Victim Claims: ‘What Happened To Us Was Murder’
He believes the group was deliberately used as guinea pigs…..

STV Scotland News – YouTube – Wednesday 23 April 2008
Ministers order full public inquiry into Contaminated Blood
Haemophilia sufferers and other patients contracted diseases in the 70s and 80s following blood transfusionsRobert Mackie : “I want heads to roll…. If people have been found to be negligent, and perhaps even criminally negligent, I want them held accountable”

Big Issue Scotland – Thursday 27 March 2008
Gary Kelly: “The State has killed mothers and fathers”
“Gary is one of an estimated 116 Scottish people who were infected..”

The Herald – Thursday 7 February 2008
Judicial inquiry is needed for blood tragedy
Gary Kelly: “We have been given a life sentence, with no chance of parole”

BBC News – Tuesday 5 February 2008
Hep C Patients’ Rights ‘Breached’
Lord Mackay of Drumadoon has quashed a decision not to hold fatal accident inquiries

Daily Mail – Friday 11 January 2008
Mother condemns ‘appalling’ treatment of blood blunder soldier
Andrew Evans: “It just seems to be that nobody has learnt from past mistakes…”

The Guardian – Letters – Tuesday 18 December 2007
Gary Kelly Letter in the Guardian
Gary Kelly: “As I write, we await the outcome of Lord Archer’s inquiry into contaminated blood”

Positive Nation – Saturday 1 December 2007
Tainted Blood
Mark Ward acknowledges the devastating effect HIV/ AIDS is having across the globe but implores us to also remember the UK haemophilia community. Mark Ward: “We work to raise awareness of the battles faced by terrified haemophiliacs still fighting for justice in Britain whilst surviving each day with multiple viruses.”

The Guardian – Monday 3 September 2007
Government in dock as HIV couple sue US drug firms in blood scandal
American judge says case is best heard in Britain (Action may increase 1991 payouts to haemophiliacs)

Plus-ve Magazine – Monday 3 September 2007
Bloody Suffering – Haydn Lewis
“It is impossible to understand the government’s intransigence on this issue without suspecting a cover-up…”

Shropshire Evening Star – Monday 3 September 2007
Campaign Group is Fighting for Justice
Darren Flack: “…Even then money does not buy you your life back”

BBC News Wales – YouTube – Monday 3 September 2007
Couple sue in British courts
A Cardiff couple infected with HIV via contaminated blood products, are taking their fight to the British courts.Haydn Lewis:

Community Newspaper (name unknown) – Thursday 30 August 2007
Gary Takes blood justice fight online
When Gary Kelly finished his treatment for cancer he hoped his health problems were coming to an end…

Arkansas Times – Thursday 16 August 2007
Bloody awful – How money and politics contaminated Arkansas’s prison plasma program
Last April, a British widow vented her frustration over a now-defunct state program in Arkansas…

The Scottish Government News – Friday 27 July 2007
Hepatitis C Awareness
Nicola Sturgeon today took part in a walk to raise awareness of Hepatitis C

New Statesman – Monday 16 July 2007
Tainted blood – Kelly Duda
Infected blood, the American filmmaker, and allegations of a government cover-up…

The Guardian – Wednesday 11 July 2007
HIV Case Study: ‘I feel like I’m poisonous’
Andrew March was 13 when he was told he had HIV…

The Bolton News – Sunday 17 June 2007
MP called to “bad blood” inquiry
Bolton MP Dr Brian Iddon has been called to give evidence at the inquiry…

The Sunday Herald – Sunday 17 June 2007
Health department branded “arrogant” over blood inquiry
Campaigners have branded the Department of Health “arrogant” and “unfit for purpose” for failing to attend an Independent Inquiry…

Medical Laboratory World – Wednesday 6 June 2007
Blood samples from haemophiliacs may be used for research
“Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust has confirmed blood samples from haemophiliac patients could be…”

The Guardian – Tuesday 5 June 2007
HIV transfusion victims unaware of virus for decades, inquiry told
“the Department of Health had failed to identify those affected or adequately highlight the problem”

BBC News Wales – Monday 4 June 2007
Haemophiliac speaks for victims
Haydn Lewis: “There are now in total over 1,700 widows out there who to date have never..”

The Daily Mail – Monday 4 June 2007
HIV blood victims ‘may be unaware of infection’
Peter Stevens: “We have people coming to us who have had HIV for more than 20 years…”

The Observer – Sunday 3 June 2007
Patients’ Fury over blood test ‘betrayal’
“Doctors at NHS hospital carry out ‘mad cow’ analysis without permission” (Royal Free haemophiliac samples)

New Statesman – Friday 1 June 2007
Sentenced to a life on death row
Haydn Lewis: “Without consent or being informed of the known risks, I was prescribed commercial…”

The Guardian – Thursday 31 May 2007
The Definition of Evil
Gary Kelly: “As a non-haemophiliac who received HIV-contaminated blood in the 1980s…”

Lancashire News – Monday 28 May 2007
Brother’s fury at contaminated blood revelations
David Fielding: David Fielding: “…never been so angry” after it was revealed the Government knew of the risks…

The Telegraph – Sunday 27 May 2007
Whitehall accused of HIV cover-up
“Campaigners yesterday accused the Government of a “scandalous cover-up” in withholding evidence…”

The Guardian – Saturday 26 May 2007
Infection risk of imported blood ‘known in 70s’
More details emerged last night of the way government advisers handled the haemophilia scandal

BBC News Scotland – Saturday 26 May 2007
Blood infection probe to be held
“A public inquiry is to be held in Scotland into how people were infected with hepatitis C &HIV…”

BBC News Scotland – Saturday 26 May 2007
Blood Infection Probe Planned
Public Inquiry to be held in Scotland into how people were infected with HCV & HIV

STV Scotland News – YouTube – Saturday 26 May 2007
Hepatitis C public inquiry gets the go-ahead
Hundreds of people in Scotland, including Haemophilia sufferers and other patients, were given contaminated blood in the 1970s and 1980s.

The Guardian – Friday 25 May 2007
Government knew of HIV risk from imported blood
Expert panel (CSM) decided against import ban – since then 1,757 have died (this was a front page story with an accompanying picture of a bag of blood)

Manchester Evening News – Friday 25 May 2007
“AIDS risk was known”
Government health advisers knew patients were at risk of contracting Aids from imported blood

The Scotsman – Friday 25 May 2007
‘Used as HIV guinea pigs but no-one even told us we had been infected’
“16 haemophiliacs had become infected from one batch of blood & Prof Ludlam failed to inform patients…”

BBC News (Newsnight Article) – Friday 25 May 2007
‘Advisors ignored blood HIV risk’
“More evidence suggests UK health advisors ignored warnings which could have prevented…”

The Telegraph – Friday 25 May 2007
Officials ‘knew of Aids risk’ in US blood imports
Government advisers were aware that patients were in danger of contracting Aids from imported…

The Daily Express – Friday 25 May 2007
AIDS Blood Risk ‘Known in 1983’
“…perceived level of risk does not at present justify serious consideration of such a solution”

BBC Radio 4 – Thursday 24 May 2007
You and Yours
Andy Evans talks about the impact of 25 years of the virus on his health (9.89 Mb Click to download and listen)

Channel 4 News – Thursday 24 May 2007
Government blood scandal role probe
Jenny Willott: “The Government is using every trick in the book to keep hidden the full facts…”

The Guardian – Sunday 20 May 2007
Number 10 hiding blood scandal facts
Inquiry finds the truth on shredding was withheld after infected transfusions killed 1,700 patients

BMJ – Saturday 28 April 2007
Bad Blood – What’s The Story
Rebecca Coombes: An inquiry has begun into the infection of thousands of people with haemophilia…

Bella Magazine – Tuesday 24 April 2007
Borrowed Time: ‘The sad secret behind my single life’
‘HIV is always at the back of my mind & I may not get to live the life I once planned’

BBC Radio 4 – Saturday 21 April 2007
Gareth Lewis interview with Radio 4 Saturday Live
Gareth Lewis: “…I don’t think anything can prepare you for being told that possibly you had 3 years to live.” (MP3 file: 12.9Mb)

Evening Standard – Thursday 19 April 2007
Contaminated blood inquiry begins
The “tragedy” of thousands of haemophiliacs who contracted life threatening diseases after being exposed to contaminated blood products should never have happened, an independent public inquiry has been told. Sue Threakall: “… given the gross incompetence – and worse – that happened in the first place, this should have been acknowledged by the Government of the time and dealt with honourably nearly a quarter of a century ago.”

The Mirror – Thursday 19 April 2007
Bad blood tragedy kills 2,000
The scandal of how patients received blood with HIV and Hepatitis C 20 years ago has been described as the worst treatment disaster in NHS history. Many of those who survived are now terminally ill. Victims and patients gave harrowing accounts of their suffering. (extract only)

The Mirror – Thursday 19 April 2007
Did I inject my son with HIV?
“…I started to shake. I instantly thought: I have injected my son with infected blood.”

The Northern Echo – Thursday 19 April 2007
Blood inquiry hears testimony from relatives
“The former nurse said the medical profession had been negligent in its handling of those suffering from haemophilia…”

United Press International – Thursday 19 April 2007
Report says Britain knew of blood risks
Documents obtained by the BBC suggest British authorities ignored warnings about the risk of contaminated blood in the 1970s & 1980s.

The Independent – Thursday 19 April 2007
Haemophiliac ‘tragedy’ should never have happened
Sue Threakall: “I shouldn’t actually be here today. None of us should.”

Channel 4 News – Wednesday 18 April 2007
Tainted Blood Probe – Victoria Macdonald
‘We Accuse the Government of Gross Maladministration’ (Video)

BBC Radio 4 – Wednesday 18 April 2007
Lord Archer of Sandwell speaks to the Today Programme
Lord Archer of Sandwell: “Well, clearly any evidence which we receive of anything which is blameworthy we’ll investigate…” (4.85 Mb)

Evening News – Wednesday 18 April 2007
Doctors Didn’t Tell Me That I Was HIV Positive For Three Years
Mr Mackie was treated by Professor Christopher Ludlam at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary….

BBC News – You Tube – Wednesday 18 April 2007
Infected Blood Inquiry Opens
…one doctor insists at the time they were still struggling to understand the virus… Professor Christine Lee: “The reason that people got infected was because there was very little knowledge; we didn’t isolate the virus until 1984, by which time the vast majority of the patients had become infected.” (fast-forward to 1:26 for Professor Christine Lee’s comment.)

GMTV – YouTube – Wednesday 18 April 2007
GMTV – Sue Jameson reporting live from Westminster
…On the opening day of the Archer Inquiry, Sue Jameson reports live from Westminster – this includes an extract from Haydn Lewis – RIP,

GMTV – YouTube – Wednesday 18 April 2007
GMTV 8:14am – Studio Interview with Andrew March
Second studio interview with Andrew March, on the opening day of the inquiry.

GMTV – YouTube – Wednesday 18 April 2007
GMTV 8:05 am – Sue Jameson Live from Westminster
Archer Inquiry opens – Live coverage from Westminster.

GMTV – YouTube – Wednesday 18 April 2007
GMTV 6:43 am – John Stapleton Interviewing Andrew March
Robert Mackie: “We were always used as guinea pigs… …If I had been informed of the seriousness and the devastating effect that AIDS has got on the human anatomy, I would never, ever, …. have taken those products.”(Includes BBC Newsnight excerpt of Robert Mackie)

BBC Newsnight – Tuesday 17 April 2007
Patients used for blood trials
Newsnight has evidence some doctors effectively used haemophiliacs as guinea pigs for new blood products

BBC News – Tuesday 17 April 2007
Blood safety warnings ‘ignored’
BBC Newsnight Article – Evidence UK scientists ignored warnings

BBC Radio 4 – Monday 16 April 2007
You and Yours: Harriet Bullock speaks to the BBC
An Independent Inquiry has begun into the supply of contaminated NHS blood… Large file (7.86 Mb)

Yours Magazine – Friday 30 March 2007
Fight for Justice: ‘We Want the Truth’
“Every day Harriet Bullock pictures her husband Ken, propped up by pillows in his hospital bed…”

ITN News – You Tube – Tuesday 27 March 2007
Pre Archer Inquiry Report
Harriet Bullock: “For the first year, all the references in his medical notes were to exposures to blood products of all kinds; factor VIII, clotting factors, all sorts of things and after that first year, all references to blood treatment were taken out of his notes – or not included perhaps would be more accurate – and for 14 years he was accused of being an alcoholic and he died knowing nothing of this at all.”

BBC Scotland – YouTube – Tuesday 6 March 2007
Hepatitis C detection ‘delay’
Hundreds of patients who contracted Hepatitis C in the 1980s had to wait up to 20 years before learning of their condition, according to a lawyer. Frank McGuire has criticised the Scottish Blood Transfusion Service after studying documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act.

Bolton News – Wednesday 21 February 2007
Blood disease victim welcomes inquiry
Mr Fielding said: “I almost died and lost my brother because of this.” (click to view clipping)

BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester – Tuesday 20 February 2007
Andy Evans speaks out on Hepatitis C and the public inquiry announcement
Click here to download and listen

BBC Radio Five Live – Tuesday 20 February 2007
The Murphy family speak about contaminated blood disaster
Click here to download and listen large (17MB) file

BBC Radio 4 ‘Today’ programme – Monday 19 February 2007
Haydn Lewis speaks out on public inquiry announcement
Haydn Lewis: “I’m looking forward to the findings but I won’t put this to bed, I don’t feel, until I see some action from Government on whatever the findings might bring to light.” Click here to download and listen (7.59 Mb)

BBC Scotland online – Monday 19 February 2007
Scots blood virus probe ruled out
Mr Kerr said there would be “no further practical lessons” from an inquiry…

icWales – Monday 19 February 2007
Victims deserve to know HIV truth
Mr Lewis, 50, has fought for answers for more than 20 years…

New! magazine – Tuesday 6 February 2007
I got HIV from a blood transfusion
Melanie McKay: “After undergoing two blood transfusions as a baby, she had contracted HIV..”

Sheffield Star – Wednesday 3 January 2007
How I’ve coped with HIV since the age of 8
“She is also determined that we – and the Government – will never forget the people who became infected…”

Sheffield Star – Wednesday 3 January 2007
Melanie faces adult life with plenty of hope
“I wasn’t supposed to live very long. Now I’m 28 and it’s like; Here I am – an adult!”

Daily Express – Tuesday 28 November 2006
My Life With HIV – Melanie McKay
“I was eight when the diagnosis was confirmed and my parents were told I wouldn’t live past the age of 10.”

BBC Radio 4 – Archive Hour – Saturday 11 November 2006
Living with Aids: Blood Brothers
Click here to download and listen Large file (54MB)

The Observer – Sunday 10 September 2006
HIV-infected blood victims condemn ‘meagre’ payout
Last night the proposed payment was condemned as being so ‘insultingly meagre’…

Daily Mail – Saturday 9 September 2006
Sentenced to death by the NHS
Ann Hume wrote a long letter to a retired doctor she had once held in the highest regard…

Sunday Herald – Sunday 27 August 2006
‘Destroyed’ files on blood scandal may have survived
Dozens of boxes of documents have been found which campaigners hope could provide vital evidence…

BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester – Friday 28 July 2006
News and Interview with Andy Evans
Andy Evans: “Unbelievably, the only way to apply for a Public Inquiry in this country is actually through the very people who might find themselves liable, legally…” Download & listen. (5.5 MB)

The Observer – Sunday 18 June 2006
Blood scandal families’ fury at inquiry refusal
Senior legal figures have told The Observer there is evidence of ‘significant knowledge of risk and fault’…

The Scotsman – Saturday 17 June 2006
Kerr attacked for refusing inquiry into blood scandal
…Mr Kerr insisted an inquiry would not add “significantly” to an understanding of how the blood supplies came to be contaminated. Andy Gunn, of the Scottish Haemophilia Group Forum, branded Mr Kerr’s announcement as a “sham”.

The Observer – Sunday 21 May 2006
Copies of lost ‘blood row’ papers found
“…in a striking new development it has emerged that several solicitors have copies of the documents…”

Newsgroups – Thursday 11 May 2006
HIV sufferers protest Clinton
UK demonstrators hold Bill accountable for deadly Arkansas prisoner-blood…

BBC South East Today – YouTube – Thursday 11 May 2006
Glasgow Protest – 2006
A group of Haemophiliacs, Haydn, Andy E, Andy G and Andrew M included, staged a protest outside the Thistle Hotel in Glasgow, where US president Bill Clinton was due to speak. Imported blood products from the US, including Arkansas prisons, prostitutes and drug users, were contaminated with HIV and Hepatitis and used by the NHS… (Duration 2:58)

Glasgow Evening Times – Wednesday 10 May 2006
Clinton checks in to favourite city suite
(link no longer working)

icDumfries – Wednesday 10 May 2006
Clinton: Aids patients in protest
(link no longer working)

BBC News – Wednesday 10 May 2006
Blood campaigner accuses Clinton
A haemophilia sufferer challenges ex-US President Bill Clinton over infected blood products.

BBC News – Wednesday 10 May 2006
Clinton warning on global warming
Andy Gunn: “…while Mr Clinton was governor of Arkansas, contaminated blood from prisons was exported to other countries.” (read last 5 paragraphs)

The Sun – Saturday 6 May 2006
Lags ‘infected’ Brits
“…People were shooting up drugs then going to the blood bank. One needle was used 20 or 30 times…” (see second column for article)

The Observer – Sunday 30 April 2006
Tainted blood victims ‘were not informed’
“The Observer has seen documents which reveal panic and chaos in the transfusion service…”

United Press International USA – Sunday 23 April 2006
Tainted blood victims allege cover-up
British victims of tainted blood transfusions charge health officials with covering up details of the case by hiding documents

Sky News – Wednesday 19 April 2006
Interview with Gareth Lewis: HIV victims demand millions
“…This is part of the daily survival routine – for a man that was told more than 20 years ago that he had 2 years to live… “ (Video: Allow advert to play first)

BBC Breakfast – Wednesday 19 April 2006
Calls for more blood infection compensation
Hear one persons account of coping with infection.. (opens as video)

BBC News Scotland – Sunday 16 April 2006
MSPs call for Hep C cases inquiry
Holyrood’s health committee has called for a public inquiry into hepatitis C infections…

Scotland Today (Scottish TV) – Thursday 13 April 2006
Fresh call for contaminated blood public inquiry
(link no longer working)

The Sunday Herald – Sunday 9 April 2006
Safety fears over plasma products Health: Danger in the Blood
Bruce Norval: “They have learned nothing,,, They killed half of Scotland’s haemophiliacs and there is no learning from that suffering.”

MSN:NBC – YouTube – Sunday 2 April 2006
Bayer: Rat of the Week
MSNBC Scarborough Country – Thousands Contracted HIV Using Tainted Bayer Drug… (video)

Private Eye – Issue 1154 – Friday 17 March 2006
Another Bloody Whitewash
The Department of Health has just produced a 30-page report whitewashing its failure to stop… (0.9 Mb)

Washington Post – March 2006
Clinton & the killer blood

BBC News Scotland – Tuesday 28 February 2006
Blood campaigner in mail mystery
A letter from Andy Gunn’s American lawyers was delivered in a House of Lords envelope… (video)

The Scotsman News – Saturday 14 January 2006
‘Destroyed’ files key for haemophiliacs given infected blood
“The Executive’s FOI material indicates the government knew as early as March 1972 there were serious problems with contaminated blood…”

BBC News – Saturday 14 January 2006
Carol Grayson & Andy Gunn Interview
Carol Grayson: “I want to know why my husband received prison blood, & so do all the other haemophiliacs.”(video 5.55 Mb)

BBC News Scotland – Friday 13 January 2006
Files on infected blood destroyed
A man infected as a child talks about his experiences… (opens as video)

Scotland Today (Scottish TV) – Friday 13 January 2006
Government accused of contaminated blood product cover-up
(link no longer working)

BBC News Scotland – Thursday 22 December 2005
MSPs vote against blood Inquiry
Deputy Health Minister Lewis Macdonald told MSPs a public inquiry would add nothing to the inquiries already held…

Sunday Herald Scotland – Sunday 30 October 2005
Scandal of infected US blood revealed in film exposé
“Many haemophiliacs believe that the UK government colluded with US authorities and giant pharmaceutical companies in the medical disaster.”

Sunday Herald – Sunday 23 January 2005
NHS knew blood for transfusions were contaminated with hepatitis
Blood from Scottish prisoners continued to be used in NHS transfusions during the 1980s despite serious concerns that the practice was unsafe.

BBC Scotland – Tuesday 1 June 2004
‘Blood and Tears’ documentary
The SNBTS is asked if it was a good idea to take blood from Scottish prisoners… (This is a long documentary and this is the link to part 1 of 3)

BBC Scotland – Tuesday 1 June 2004
Blood and Tears Documentary – Frontline Scotland
In the 1980s the worst medical disaster in the history of the NHS hit Scotland’s haemophiliacs. Hundreds were infected with potential deadly viruses through blood products manufactured by the NHS. Twenty years on many are dead, others are gravely ill. The NHS has always said no one was to blame for the infection of patients with HIV and Hepatitis C. Eleanor Bradford asks why more was not done to prevent the mass infection of this community.

Birchgrove – YouTube – Sunday 23 May 2004
The Birchgrove Woodland Grove
In the early days of Birchwood, co-founders Paul Jenkins and Gareth Lewis with Cady Khudabux and Paul Kimberley, had the vision of a memorial grove. That vision has grown into the tranquil site know as The Birchgrove Woodland Grove – This video is split into 2 parts.

The Christchurch Press (New Zealand) – Saturday 8 May 2004
“Global Bad Blood Scandal”
The law suit claims that the US products, sold worldwide in the late 1970s and 1980s as beneficial “medicines”, were, in fact, contaminated with the HIV virus and/or hepatitis C… …But it claims the companies continued distributing the old, non- heat-treated medicine in Europe, Latin America and Asia, after introducing a safer product in the US.

BBC News Scotland – Friday 23 January 2004
Hep C compensation plan ‘derisory’
Payment offer to Scottish Hep C sufferers has been dismissed as “derisory” by Haemophilia Society…

BBC News – Friday 23 January 2004
NHS pays out to hepatitis victims
Payments only to be made to HCV patients infected before Sept. 1991 & alive on 29 Aug. 2003

BBC News – Tuesday 2 December 2003
HIV haemophiliacs: ‘Too easy to forget’
Robert James “Although I knew I’d probably been given American products at some point…”

BBC News Scotland – YouTube – Thursday 25 September 2003
Hepatitis C – Andy Gunn Interview
Today a group of experts said these patients should be compensated, but that comes with a price tag of £80 million… Andy Gunn:

BBC News – Tuesday 9 September 2003
Memorial for HIV haemophiliacs
The grove of 1,200 trees at Stratton Wood, near Swindon, Wiltshire, is a living monument…

The Sunday Times – Sunday 7 September 2003
Blood risk for haemophiliacs ‘covered up’
Danger of using infected blood products on haemophiliacs was known to government officials 20 years ago, newly uncovered documents reveal.

BBC News – Scotland – YouTube – Friday 29 August 2003
Payouts for Hepatitis sufferers
David Henderson reports:

BBC News – Scotland – Friday 29 August 2003
Payouts for Hepatitis sufferers
A long-running wrangle between the Scottish Executive & UK Government over payments…

BBC Scotland – Friday 29 August 2003
Payouts for Hepatitis sufferers – Philip Dolan Interview
Philip Dolan, Scottish Haemophilia Forum: “…I find it surprising that it’s taken so long for the decision to be resolved in Westminster.” “…Lord Ross had recommended a minimum of £50,000 to all those who have been affected with chronic hepatitis C – in actual fact, the comparable figure in Southern Ireland was £300,000.”

BBC Radio 4 – Monday 21 July 2003
You and Yours
Man with Haemophilia Wins First Stage of Right to Obtain Synthetic Blood (Transcript)

BBC News – Thursday 17 July 2003
Haemophiliac wins health challenge
A man suffering from haemophilia has won the first stage of a legal battle to force a health authority…

This is Northeast – Tuesday 24 June 2003
US firm joins haemophiliac court battle
North-east patients are using one of the world’s biggest law firms to launch a multi-million dollar legal action…

BBC News – Friday 20 June 2003
Haemophiliac challenges age policy
Haemophiliac, Peter Longstaff, is taking legal action after being refused the latest treatment…

The Japan Times – Thursday 5 June 2003
“Japanese hemophiliacs invited to join U.S. suit over tainted-blood sales”
A class action lawsuit was filed in a San Francisco federal court Monday on behalf of 15 European hemophiliacs suing seven firms, including a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Pharma Corp., for selling contaminated blood products that exposed them to HIV and hepatitis C, their lawyer said Tuesday.

The Guardian – Wednesday 4 June 2003
Law suit for infected blood
An American firm has launched a law suit on behalf of haemophiliacs and survivors of haemophiliacs…

BBC News – World – Tuesday 3 June 2003
Patients launch ‘bad blood’ suit
Thousands of haemophiliacs have filed a lawsuit in the US against four companies…

The Los Angeles Times – Tuesday 3 June 2003
“Lawsuit Alleges Companies Sold Bad Blood”
Robert Nelson (Attorney): “Thousands of hemophiliacs have unnecessarily died from AIDS”

South China Morning Post – Friday 23 May 2003
“US Firm Sold Off Tainted Medicine in HK – HIV-Contaminated Blood Was Used Here While A Safer Version Was Sold Overseas”
A South China Morning Post investigation has found the firm, Cutter, continued selling its Koate brand of blood coagulant concentrate in Hong Kong for 18 months after it started distributing a heat-treated version free of HIV in the US. At various times, the older and cheaper product was also sold in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan.

New York Times – Thursday 22 May 2003
2 Paths of Bayer Drug in 80’s: Riskier One Steered Overseas
By continuing to sell the old version of the life-saving medicine, the records show, Cutter officials…

The Scotsman – Tuesday 6 May 2003
‘The doctors never told me I was infected’
“People were tested but the thing is they were not told the results for years…”

BBC Scotland (Radio) – Tuesday 6 May 2003
A Number of Doctors are Being Investigated
“The General Medical Council’s guidelines expressly require some form of consent” (ram audio)

BBC Scotland – Tuesday 6 May 2003
Hepatitis C Testing: ‘The BMA Offered an Explanation’
Scotland’s Eleanor Bradford reports on a GMC investigation… (ram video)

BBC News Scotland – Wednesday 23 April 2003
Police report on tainted blood
Prosecutors are to consider whether there should be a criminal investigation into the medical disaster…

BBC Scotland – Wednesday 23 April 2003
Eleanor Bradford
Andy Gunn: letter to Chief Police Officers: “All we want is the truth”

BBC News Scotland – Thursday 27 February 2003
Hepatitis C records go ‘missing’ (incl. Haemophilia HIV)
Haemophiliac, David, wants to know why he was given products made from untreated blood of 1000s of donors

BBC News – Scotland – Thursday 27 February 2003
Hepatitis C records go ‘missing’
with health correspondent Eleanor Bradford (opens as video)

BBC News – Scotland – Tuesday 25 February 2003
Blood compensation ‘derisory’
Haemophiliacs have attacked the executive’s plans to compensate those who contracted hepatitis C…

Newcastle Journal – Monday 20 January 2003
Silence over secret killer
Hundreds of hospital patients secretly tested for a killer disease were kept in the dark…

The Telegraph – Thursday 28 November 2002
Health Minister Denies vCJD Blood Cover-Up
Scottish health minister Malcolm Chisholm has denied accusations…..

BBC News Scotland – Tuesday 19 November 2002
Blood victims ‘may sue’ drug firms
People in Scotland who contracted hepatitis C from infected blood products have been considering suing the US drug companies that manufactured them… SNP health spokeswoman Nicola Sturgeon: “It’s a moral obligation we have as a society to people infected in the health service…”

BBC News Scotland – YouTube – Wednesday 6 November 2002
Hepatitis C victims should get cash’
Nicola Sturgeon MSP: I think a very constructive proposal, which explains how the money can be transferred from other parts of the budget…

BBC News – Thursday 15 November 2001
Dr Stevens Interview: Boy gets vCJD victim’s plasma
Dr Stevens: “Blood was donated from a normal blood donor at the time. The blood was donated then manufactured into a product that’s called Factor VIII… …This child subsequently received this product…” “After that date, the normal blood donor has subsequently developed new variant CJD.” (ram video)

BBC News – Thursday 15 November 2001
Boy gets vCJD victim’s plasma
A boy with haemophilia has received a blood plasma transfusion from someone who died of variant CJD – the human form of mad cow disease, it has emerged,,, …The boy’s parents are said to be angry that their son was not given a transfusion of a synthetic blood substitute, which would have been risk-free, but about three times more expensive…

BBC News – Wales – Monday 26 March 2001
Hepatitis patients win compensation
A group of patients from Wales infected with the Hepatitis C virus following contaminated blood transfusions have won thousands in damages at the High Court. …They made their claims against the Cardiff-based Velindre NHS Trust, which is responsible for running the blood service in Wales…

BBC News – Monday 12 February 2001
Haemophiliacs strike protest
Marc Payton told BBC News Online: “I feel I have got nothing left to lose anymore.”

CNN (World) – Tuesday 30 January 2001
Haemophiliacs in vCJD scare
Lord Morris of Manchester said the government was treating the issue as a matter of urgency…

BBC News – Tuesday 30 January 2001
Haemophiliacs face vCJD scare (Richard Hannaford reports)
“All haemophiliacs are being urged to contact their clinicians…” (ram audio)

BBC News – Scotland – Tuesday 24 October 2000
Hepatitis C – A timeline
Health Minister Susan Deacon has refused to pay compensation to haemophiliacs in Scotland…

BBC News – Scotland – Tuesday 24 October 2000
Service cleared over blood virus
An inquiry has cleared the SNBTS of blame for haemophiliacs contracting hepatitis C…

BBC News – Scotland – Thursday 10 August 2000
Virus funding row help plea
Scottish Legal Aid Board is refusing to finance claims from hundreds of haemophiliacs…

BBC News – Tuesday 7 March 2000
No compensation for infected blood
The government has ruled out compensation for haemophiliacs affected by contaminated blood products…

BBC News – Sunday 21 November 1999
Haemophiliacs pursue compensation fight
Sufferers say the Department of Health was ‘warned of the risks’

BBC News – Sunday 21 November 1999
Karin Pappenheim from the Haemophilia Society talks to BBC
Karin Pappenheim : “We are looking for an inquiry” (Real Player audio 28k)

BBC News – Monday 27 September 1999
Inquiry begins into contaminated blood
An inquiry has opened in Dublin into how haemophiliacs were given blood products infected…

BBC News – Friday 6 August 1999
Ministers in new haemophilia probe
Scottish ministers have promised to examine the cases of haemophiliacs who may have been given blood…

BBC Scotland – Friday 6 August 1999
Scottish Executive are to meet the Haemophilia Society
“…in Scotland, the blood was not being treated at a sufficiently high temperature…” (video clip)

BBC Scotland (Radio) – Friday 6 August 1999
Haemophilia is like a day-trip, compared to Hepatitis C
“We took it in good faith, on the doctor’s words, that this was what we’d all been waiting for – would make all the difference to our life…” (Mp3 file)

BBC News Europe – Tuesday 9 March 1999
Blood scandal ministers walk free (French tainted blood trial)
Hugh Schofield reports on the end to a highly unusual and controversial trial… (Ram video)

BBC News Online – Thursday 15 October 1998
Hepatitis C campaigners won’t take no for an answer
Hints that hepatitis C sufferers may get damages have come from Wakefield MP…

BBC News Online – Tuesday 28 July 1998
Government rejects compensation for haemophiliacs
Campaigners have reacted furiously to the decision that has been eagerly awaited for 10 months…

BBC News – Wednesday 22 July 1998
Hepatitis sufferers on the march
Campaigners are marching on Downing Street to lay 90 white lilies on the steps

BBC News Online – Wednesday 22 July 1998
Hepatitis sufferers in Commons protest
Seven haemophiliacs chained themselves to the railings outside the House of Commons in protest….

ITN News Item – YouTube – Wednesday 16 November 1994
Haemophiliacs Lose Compensation Claim
The government is not to compensate Haemophiliacs that were given the blood product Factor 8 infected with hepatitis. Officials say that the NHS was not responsible for the fact that the blood was infected and there was no negligence involved.

ITN News Bulletins – You Tube – Tuesday 31 August 1993
ITN news items regarding the side effects of AZT / Zidovudine
Sue Threakall takes unprecidented legal action against Wellcome Pharmaceuticals, after the tragic death of her husband, Bob. Two buletins are featured in this clip from 31st August 1993 : John Suchet / Eric Macinnes report at 6pm on the Early Evening News and Trevor Mcdonald / Eric Macinnes report at 10pm – News at Ten

BBC Midlands Today – You Tube – Tuesday 31 August 1993
Legal action taken against health authority
Local news interview, regarding litigation against a drug company.

Discover Magazine: ‘Blood Money’ – Sunday 1 August 1993
Why are French hemophiliacs dying of AIDS? Because French officials knowingly gave them tainted blood.
It began in 1985 in France…in one of the most shameful episodes of the AIDS epidemic, physicians & government officials there knowingly allowed at least a thousand people to receive blood or blood products contaminated by the virus…

Evening Times (Scotland) – Tuesday 4 August 1992
Aids bosses blast cash waste claim
Aids bosses today hit back angrily at claims that an international conference was a waste of money.

BBC Inside Story – You Tube – Wednesday 24 April 1991
Aids In The Family
A very moving documentary, which looks at the terrible effect of HIV / AIDS on ordinary family life and inparticular, the suffers of the hereditory bleeding condition, Haemophilia. This documentary is almost 1 hour long and is split into 5 parts

BMJ Article – Saturday 6 April 1991
Supply of Blood Products
J D Cash: “Finally, the government ought to persuade its Medicines Control Agency to restrict the licensing and importation of blood products derived from paid donors and take on board the pharmaceutical industry’sguidelines concerned with the quality of information required in claims about superiority of products.”

The Cook Report – Central Television – YouTube – Monday 20 August 1990
Profits Before Patients
A follow-up programme to the July edition entitled ‘Profits Before Patients’ originally broadcast on 23rd July 1990

Sunday Times – Sunday 5 August 1990
Haemophiliacs demand end to official secrecy
Sir Donald Acheson, the government’s chief medical officer, is at the centre of a new controversy…

The Cook Report – Central Television – YouTube – Monday 23 July 1990
Profits Before Patients
At look back at the 1980s, to ask if producers of Factor VIII, a treatment for Haemophiliacs, were aware that it was a potential carrier of Human Imunodeficiency Virus and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. A major ingredient of Factor VIII, is donated blood and during the 1980s, the majority of Factor VIII was produced in USA where donors were not screened and blood was not treated – This documentary is 30 minutes in length and in 3 parts

Guardian – Friday 24 November 1989
Claimants may die before negligence action is settled
“The legal action against Government will break new ground when it goes to court on January 15th” (Comment: Government responsibility ! not the NHS. Why were commercial providers of blood products never called as co-defendants?)

Guardian – Friday 24 November 1989
HIV Haemophiliacs will share 19m
Mr Kenneth Clarke: “Given the state of medical knowledge at the time, the treatment they were given was essential to avoid death in some cases.” (Note: The treatment given in the majority of over 1,200 claims was not deemed as

ITN News Item – YouTube – Wednesday 22 November 1989
Tory MP’s Compensation Protest
The government is to introduce compensation for Haemophiliacs infected with the AIDS virus (HIV / HTLV-3). A group of Conservative MPs visit No 10 Downing Street to pressure the Prime Minister to increase both the amount of compensation and its scope.

ITV Midlands Today – You Tube – Monday 13 November 1989
News item from ITV / Central Midlands Today
A couple talk about the costs involved in pursuing private litigation against pharmaceutical companies, without the financial asistance of legal aid.

Guardian (Letters to Editor) – Saturday 26 August 1989
Risks of blood transfusion
Dr Gerald N. Smith: “Many patients who need transfusions will have been unduly alarmed by Aileen Ballantyne’s report about Hepatitis C (August 24th).” (Note the reference to Hepatitis C ! – as opposed to Non-A Non-B hepatitis. This suggests a test was already available.)

Guardian – Thursday 24 August 1989
Dilemma on virus blood tests
Random tests on the national blood supply over the last month have shown that up to 6000 people last year may have received blood transfusions contaminated with hepatitis C. Why did the doctors not inform haemophiliacs of their hepatitis C antibody status during HIV litigation?

Guardian (Letters) – Wednesday 17 May 1989
Minus aspects and risks of genetic engineering
Dr Peter R Foster: “Dangerous viruses exist in animals as well as humans and any product from these sources (genetically engineered or not) may be contaminated.” (Haemophiliac’s exposure to vCJD proves this to be the case.)

Guardian (Letters to Editor) – Saturday 29 October 1988
The spread of Aids in Britain
“This Unit (Government Aids Policy Unit) believes that large-scale anonymous testing should be undertaken as a matter of urgency.”

The Guardian (Letters to the Editor) – Friday 28 October 1988
A system to make the NHS donors’ blood run cold…
“May I suggest a cost efficient way to survey our views is to add a line to the compulsory AIDS questionnaire we all fill in at each donation.”

ITN News Item – You Tube – Tuesday 3 November 1987
Haemophiliac HIV / AIDS Sufferers
The Haemophilia Society is pressing the government to give special financial help to the 1,200 haemophiliacs who have contracted the HIV / AIDS virus through the use of imported contaminated Factor 8, the blood clotting agent supplied to them by the National Health Service.

Guardian – Friday 18 September 1987
Moore backs NHS blood products sale
Dr Harris (CMO): “The blood products laboratory will be able to sell this surplus to those countries that need it.”(Non-compliance with the Medicines Act in the 70’s excluded this option & also made self-sufficiency impossible.)

Guardian – Saturday 12 September 1987
Minister denies blood ‘shambles’
“Professor Cash says in a BMJ leading article that the transfusion service in England and Wales is a ” fragmented and disorganised shambles” …”The south London director, Dr Keith Rogers, warned yesterday the final target for Self-Sufficiency may not be met.”

ITN News Item – YouTube – Friday 11 September 1987
Blood Transfusion Service Chaos
The government has denied accusations that the blood transfusion service is badly managed and wasteful.

Guardian – Monday 29 June 1987
Thatcher asked to end deadlock on funds for Aids Haemophiliacs
“In a letter to Mrs Thatcher, Mr Dobson says it is “quite harsh and heartless” for the government to go on insisting that they should attempt to win compensation from the NHS through the courts.” (Comment: This would have been impossible since the NHS were relying on the ‘defence’ of Crown Immunity. It had always been the case that our infections were the State’s overall responsibility, as they purchased the commercial products, not the NHS.)

Guardian – Wednesday 29 April 1987
NHS may sell blood products to raise cash on eager world market
“One thousand British haemophiliacs have been infected by the Aids virus as a result of using contaminated US imports of factor 8.” (Note: This, once again, is 10 years too late. The Conservative’s proud statement of 1987 that it was “the cleanest product on the market” became corrupted by allowing BSE to contaminate British voluntary-sourced blood; making it commercially useless.)

Guardian – Wednesday 25 March 1987
Panic breaks out as Aids-blood transfusions are leaked
“All the patients received blood transfusions from 1978 to 1986.”

Guardian – Tuesday 10 March 1987
Forecast of 4000 deaths as Aids kill 22 more.
“…This brought the total number of cases in the United Kingdom to 731 by the end of February. Of these 377 have died.”

Guardian letters to Editor – Friday 9 January 1987
Pitfalls in debate on Aids and morality
Where is the “explicit, hard hitting” Aids campaign? Is the message, “stick with one partner or use a condom,” all there is?

Guardian – Friday 21 November 1986
How to avoid catching Aids
“The worst possibility is a holocaust….”

Guardian – Tuesday 15 April 1986
Aids threat remains in ‘safe’ Factor 8
“Evidence emerged yesterday that 2000 Haemophiliacs are at risk of getting Aids from supposedly safe Factor 8 imported from the United States” (Two months ago CMO Dr Donald Acheson dismissed evidence and assured British haemophiliacs that US supplies were safe.)

Guardian – Monday 3 March 1986
NHS to sell surplus blood products
“Norman Fowler the social services secretary has decided that the laboratory should help pay its costs by selling products the NHS does not need which would otherwise be destroyed” A missed opportunity in 1976 as it could have been State-funded. If the State had been complying with the Medicines Act, all profits would have gone back into the NHS & the target that had been set in 1974 could have been attained.

Guardian – Tuesday 5 November 1985
Waiting for the luck that will signal vaccine relief
An Aids vaccine is on the way. It is being developed by scientists at the Institute Pasteur, Paris.

ITN Archive – You Tube – Monday 14 October 1985
Dr Peter Jones Interview
Dr Peter Jones: “I feel terrible as one of the men who had to prescribe that treatment, of course unknowingly that this virus was contaminating it. I think if Government had really put its money where its mouth was many years ago and really given the blood transfusion service of this country what it needed and what it wanted then many of our patients would be free of the risk of AIDS…

ITN – You Tube – Wednesday 18 September 1985
Haemophiliac School Scare
Dozens of pupils are prevented from attending a primary school in Hampshire, after it was found out that 3 year old Haemophiliac boy was HIV positive.. (Note: there are 3 news items back-to-back in this extract.)

Pharmaceutical News – Friday 13 September 1985
Roussel produces films on AIDS
Roussel has produced two new films as part of its postgraduate service to doctors, both on the subject of A.I.D.S(this article was released in the DOH FOI documents)

ITN News Report – YouTube – Tuesday 27 August 1985
A Pennsylvania Family & HIV
A young Pennsylvania family is dying of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Patrick Burk, a Haemophiliac, contracted AIDS (HIV), from a blood transfusion and passed it to his wife Lauren and unborn baby Dwight – His 4-year-old daughter Nikki, will shortly be the only survivor of the family.

ITN News Item – YouTube – Thursday 1 August 1985
AIDS Boy Banned From Attending School
A 13 year old schoolboy Ryan White has been banned from school because he is suffering from the AIDS virus which he caught from a blood transfusion as he is a haemophiliac.

Granada Television / Thames Television – Monday 22 July 1985
World in Action: Bad Blood (Part 2 of 3)
David Owen, Labour Health Minister speaking in 1975: “Well it can only be as fast as buildings can be set up and equipment purchased. When I made the decision now, some time ago, it was thought that it would take 3 years, we’ve brought it down to 2 years, and maybe we can improve even on that. I’ve tried to make this switch to self-sufficiency as quickly as possible.” (interview at 3:52)

Guardian – Saturday 20 July 1985
Aids victim passes disease to wife
“The Haemophilia Society is issuing a safe sex guide for its members” (Note: This is over 10 years too late concerning hepatitis!)

ITN – You Tube – Thursday 22 November 1984
US Blood Donors – AIDS
Interviewer: “Mr Clarke, what do you say to criticisms that haemophiliacs are exposed to the risk of AIDS from imported American blood because the Government haven’t provided enough funds to make Factor VIII in England?” Mr Kenneth Clarke: “I find them quite inexplicable… …the one thing we haven’t done is starve the factory as we call it in Elstree of the necessary funds…” (fast-forward to 4:31)

Guardian – Monday 19 November 1984
Haemophiliac’s death from Aids after transfusion
“Victim was treated with blood plasma from US and Britain”

AABB News (American Association of Blood Banks) – Tuesday 1 May 1984
Probable Cause of AIDS Identified
“Federal officials predicted the development of a vaccine for AIDS within two to three years”!

Guardian – Wednesday 21 March 1984
Super donors sought
“It will strain the gift relationship to the limit. The super donors of the future will be hitched up to plasmapheresis machine which separates the plasma and returns the red cells” (Plasmapheresis has been used by BTS since 1973, why the ten year delay?)

Guardian – Wednesday 2 November 1983
The lurking killer without a cure
“Government cut funds to BPL which produces Factor 8 thus slowing down the drive for Self Sufficiency”

The Guardian – Friday 14 October 1983
Aids ‘not imported in blood’
“American Factor VIII appears to be no more dangerous than the Scottish version, according to researchers at Glasgow Royal Infirmary, who have tested 19 Scottish haemophiliacs…” (this entry formely linked to the ScotBlood website, but the link became broken.)

Guardian – Wednesday 28 September 1983
Aids damaged blood suspected in death
“Government cut funds to BPL which produces Factor 8 thus slowing down the drive for Self Sufficiency”

Guardian: Letter to Editor – Wednesday 7 January 1981
Moral price in paying for blood
“He quotes the analysis which I suppose derives from Richard Titmus’s work, The Gift Relationship…”

BMJ – Saturday 25 November 1978
Freeze-dried factor VIII concentrates and the NHS
`All the factor VIII needed in Britain could be provided by the NHS laboratories in the form of freeze-dried concentrates provided that the DHSS invests enough money in blood transfusion centres and fractionation centres and has clear plans for the transition to self-sufficiency.`

The Guardian – Monday 8 April 1974
Migrant blood policy protest
Dr Cleghorn also said that new tests were being perfected which should show more accurately whether a sample was infected with hepatitis… (Comment: When did government start screening for hepatitis B?)

Observer – Sunday 24 January 1971
Colour of your blood
Bernard Levin: “Dracula would have loved this book.”

Hepatitis C-specific press coverage:
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