Red for


1,243 infected

Most did not survive

Yellow for


6,000 infected

Around half have died

Black for


and for those who are left to

grieve and remember them

A scandal four decades in the making. People are STILL dying.

Infected Blood Inquiry

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Inquiry into Contaminated Blood

Acknowledgements and attributions

In the creation of our Timeline, our Accusations Document, and in many other of our works, TaintedBlood would like to acknowledge the following sources for information, quotations, citations, FOI releases, and other documents: Carol Grayson and Pete Longstaff, without whom many of these documents would not exist; also: the Medical Research Council (now UK Research and Innovation), the MCA (now MHRA), The John Radcliffe Hospital Oxford, the Department of Health (now DHSC), the National Archives, Parliamentary Publications and H.M Stationary Office, the Penrose Inquiry, the Archer Independent Inquiry, solicitors Blackett Hart and Pratt, the Haemophilia Society, the Macfarlane Trust and Eileen Trust, the UKHCDO, the SNBTS, the Scottish Executive, Scottish Haemophilia Group Forum and the Scottish National Group Forum (SHGF), the Birchgrove Group, Haemophilia Wales, the Krever Commission, the late Lord Morris of Manchester, the BMJ, the Lancet, the Associated Press, BBC News, BBC Newsnight, BBC News Scotland, BBC Radio 2, the Observer, The Guardian, the Guardian Repository, the Times, the Sunday Times, the Daily Telegraph, the Sunday Telegraph, the New York Times, the Newcastle Journal, the Sun, the Mail on Sunday, the Health and Social Services Journal, Scotland on Sunday, the Scotsman, RTE news, the British Journal of Haematology, They Work For, Simon Garfield, Douglas Starr, and Virginia Berridge.





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