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Who's who?

Over the years, TB has evolved from a tightly-defined committee to a group of friends/people who work together on different projects according to individual skillset. This is who we are today:

Andrew Evans
Infected with HIV and Hepatitis C as a small child through his haemophilia treatment, and as the co-founder of TB, along with the late Gareth Lewis, Andy has a wealth of experience in the field. He represents us at meetings with ministers, etc and has done a great deal of press work. He is our final decision-maker and our 'go-to' in a crisis.

Secretary: Sue Threakall.  Sue’s late husband, Bob, was a haemophiliac who passed away in 1991 as a result of contaminated blood products.  Sue has held various roles on TB since its inception, and deals with letter-writing, membership, etc, as well as doing press work when required.

Press Secretary:  Rosa van der Meersch.  Rosa has taken on the role of press secretary.  Any queries about press work should be directed to Rosa in the first instance, including letting her know if you are willing to go public in your area and/or nationally. She also put together our three books: Stories Behind the Statistics'.

Audio-Visual:  Richard Warwick.  Richard is responsible for collating and uploading all our media work, including locating old articles for our archive.  He regularly uploads items onto our YouTube channel which can be found by searching for ‘campaigntb’  He also operates the official TB Twitter account.  In short, he is invaluable in creating our public face.

Mark Ward:  Mark is a highly experienced campaigner and has held various roles in TB.  He has done a huge amount of press work and often represented TB at high-level meetings.  He is happy to be contacted with any general queries, and is also our 'go-to' person for any LGBT-related issues

Ade Goodyear: Along with Richard Warwick, Ade is an ex-pupil of Lord Mayor Treloar College, and any queries about the school should be directed at him in the first instance.  Along with Joseph Peaty they worked closely with the BBC Panorama team to produce the programme that can be found on YouTube.

Sarah Dorricott:  Sarah is the eldest daughter of the late Mike Dorricott, who was himself a hugely valuable member of the team, and has become an experienced campaigner, including doing press work.  Any queries about bereaved children should be directed to her in the first instance.

Andrew March:  Andrew is highly skilled in the area of research, and is currently working alongside the inquiry team’s paralegals at the National Archive, identifying documents and securing copies for the inquiry.  Along with Sue he has also been responsible for producing much of TB’s documentation. With the late Haydn Lewis, Andrew created the Tainted Blood Timeline, a resource of enormous value to the Infected Blood Inquiry, both during and in getting us there in the first place.

Martin Haresign:  Martin has become more involved in the campaign over the last few years and is always happy to discuss issues, offer advice, etc.  We often approach him for an opinion on something as he gives good advice!

Rosamund Cooper: Ros is a seasoned campaigner, and she represents the section of our community who are women who have been infected through bleeding disorders.

Michele Digby: Michele, a widow herself, runs Tainted Blood Widows, which is a safe space for bereaved partners ofr the scandal. She is an integral part of the main committee and provides sound advice, as well giving us the benefit of her expertise in monitoring the political activity around the scandal.

Rosemary Calder: Rosemary is a bereaved parent, and runs Tainted Blood Parents, which operates in a similar way to Tainted Blood Widows, but for parents who have lost their children through infection. She is always a voice of wisdom on the committee.

Joseph Peaty:  Although not campaigning actively at the moment, Joe is a past co-Chair of TB, with a wealth of campaigning experience, particularly in the legal field.





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