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TaintedBlood was formed by haemophiliacs, and although originally its aims were quite loosely defined, it has grown into the group it is today – a campaign group for haemophiliacs infected by contaminated factor concentrates, and for their families.

Haemophiliacs were infected en-masse through their NHS-supplied treatment which was used primarily to stop chronic, non-life- threatening bleeds for which there were safer therapies available.

See the trail of evidence.


TaintedBlood was originally a website developed to archive the contaminated blood scandal. It was set up in early 2006 by Andrew Evans and the late Gareth Lewis, both of them haemophiliacs infected through their NHS treatment. Although the focus was originally on HIV and AIDS, the extent to which haemophiliacs had been exposed to multiple viruses and abnormal prions soon became apparent, and TaintedBlood rapidly grew into the campaign group it is today.

Note: Everyone on the TaintedBlood committee is a volunteer, doing this in their own time and with their own resources. We do not have an office and we do not draw expenses. All our work is either self-funded or reliant on donations.

This site is dedicated to the fight for justice for all haemophiliacs and their families affected by contaminated blood products.

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