Brian Fielding

He was born 3rd June 1944 and passed away on 9th October 1990, aged 46.

He, like many of our deceased Haemophiliacs was a really nice and quiet man.

He was always making sure his appearance was as nicely dressed as possible. He saved very hard so he could have a new car every 3-4 years. He, like myself and my late brother Jeff, went to boarding schools; he in Southport and I in West Kirby on the Wirral. That was the norm back then for a Haemophilia suffer, to go to boarding school.

He was an avid Bolton Wanderers supporter and followed them all over the Country until illness stopped him. He always lived at home until he was 44 and then went to live with his girlfriend who became his wife a year before he died.

My family still hasn’t got over his death, nor will we; a chapter in our family life is empty.  It’s very hard to come to terms the way he died and suffered. He told not one of my family he was infected with HIV, not even me, even though I knew because we both went for our results at the same time.  As I was clear I was in and out. He was in for quite some time and I knew by his face; he was tortured and scared. We never spoke all the way home. I wanted him to tell me but he never did. I could have tried to understand the fear he was going through.

We are left with this: did he not trust his own family?  Did he think we would turn our backs on him?  We have to live with that forever.  I haven’t visited his grave for years, I find it so painful to go; it reminds me of the painful death he had and that he didn’t trust his own family.

RIP my brother Brian; one day …our battle for justice is just around the corner.


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dearest david ,so many people have so many regrets and have to live with with this ,not confiding in with the family that loved him ,but it,s easy for us maybe to talk about it ,but for brian he needed to protect and had the fear of rerection ,we are so sorry that you have to carry this pain with you ,we do understand as we could never tell my mum and I live with that to?but your darling brother is at peace god bless you brian love colin jan xxx

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