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circa February
Behringwerke AG (German blood product manufacturer)
A pasteurization procedure is developed and licensed in Germany by blood product manufacturer Behringwerke AG. It involves heating factor concentrates at 60C for ten hours. An article demonstrating the efficacy of the pasteurization process is published the same year.

Note: Other manufacturers are reluctant to adopt this technique over concerns regarding:

  • 50-90% loss of yield,
  • factor supply could be in jeopardy
  • pasteurized factor will cost ten times more
  • concerns over the effectiveness of inactivating non-A non-B hepatitis
  • patients might develop inhibitors.
Source: Krever Commission Report (1997), Vol 3, Part IV, Chap. 27, page 754.
Additional Source: NEJM, Vol 316, No 15 pps 918 - 922.
Type: Pasteurisation procedure licensed
Location: Germany / USA
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Cutter - License / Pasteurization Process
Cutter receives US license to distribute factor concentrates subjected to a liquid pasteurisation process involving heating at 60C for ten hours.
Source: Krever Commission Report (1997), Vol 3, Part IV, Chap. 27, page 755.
Type: US License Pasteurization
Location: USA
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Bayer - Secures Patent for Pasteurisation Process
Bayer publishes a patented method for the pasteurization of Factor VIII.
Source: Link #1
Type: Patent Publishing
Location: USA
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23 March
Miss Cunningham / BTSB - HT3
It is now known (in 1987) that dry heating is ineffective in preventing Non-A Non-B Hepatitis. In a scientific meeting, Miss Cunningham, discusses various methods of heat treatment, and notes that the British protocol of pasteurisation of 80 Centigrade for 72 hours is effective against transmission of Non-A, Non-B Hepatitis and AIDS.
Source: Link #1
Type: Scientific Meeting
Location: UK
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