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Krever Report - Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Test Developed
In 1968, a direct test for the presence of Hepatitis B (HBsAg), (Hepatitis B Surface Antigen) is developed and used to identify persons with the disease.
Source: Krever Commission Report (1997), Vol 3, Part IV, Chap. 27, page 753
Type: Testing development
Location: USA
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Hepatitis B Screening Becomes Available
Screening for Hepatitis B becomes available.

Note: The screening of donated plasma for hepatitis B, (HBV) is introduced by BPL in November 1971.

Source: Self-sufficiency in Blood Products in England and Wales - A Chronology from 1973-1991. DOH (2006).
Notes from Regional Transfusion Directors meeting. 10th January 1973.
Type: Screening development - HBV. Taken from DOH Self-sufficiency Report
Location: UK
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Lister Institute of Preventative Medicine
The Lister Institute of Preventative Medicine Chelsea laboratories are forced to close due to repeated annual deficits and failure to secure adequate government support.

Astonishingly, the government stopped funding the only research facility that could have developed heat-treatment and a screening test for Non-A Non-B hepatitis by as early as 1978.

Type: Scientific Heritage Historical statement
Location: UK
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Sunday Observer Timeline - Test for Viral Hepatitis in Blood Donors
A test is developed to determine a history of viral hepatitis in blood donors.
Source: Link #1
Type: Press timeline
Location: UK
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New Hepatitis B Core (HBc) Test
By no later than 1978, the US Pharmaceuticals allegedly know of the availability of a new Hepatitis B Core (HBc) test that can determine whether an individual has a history of viral Hepatitis, which would disqualify the donor from providing plasma for the manufacture of Factor VIII or IX.
Source: MDL 986 Class Action Plaintiffs' Complaint (2004) LCHB, LLP Page 18
Type: Legal document (complaint)
Location: USA
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Armour, Cutter, Alpha, Baxter
The US Blood Companies finally introduce the Hepatitis B Core Antibody (HBc) test. This is late since the HBc test was reported to be an effective surrogate test for both AIDS transmission and Non-A non-B Hepatitis carriers by 1982.
Source: Class Action Complaint (2004) Case No. C032572 PJH Page 39
Type: Test introduction
Location: USA
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