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"To no one will we sell, to no one deny or delay, right or justice."
Magna Carta - 15th June, 1215

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HCDO (Haemophilia Centre Directors' Organisation)
Haemophilia Centre Doctors are reluctant to stop commercial import of products.

Centre Directors (consultants) sign up to receive products for trials.

Source: Meeting Minutes 1974
Type: Trials decision
Location: UK
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13 January
HCDO - Hyland - Paid Consultants - Fractionation Expansion Hold-up
Some consultants are in receipt of payments from companies producing Factor VIII products.

Dr Jones is a paid consultant to Hyland Laboratories in 1977.

Professor Blackburn reports that there is a hold-up in the expansion of fractionation in the UK. Prof. Blackburn is planning to organise a meeting to look into ways of expanding the facilities for fractionating.

Source: Minutes of the meeting of Haemophilia Centre Directors of the United Kingdom. 13th January 1977, Middlesex Victoria Infirmary London, Agenda item 3, point 2, page 11, headed "Activities of Reference Centre Directors and the supply of Factor VIII".
Type: HCDO Minutes
Location: UK
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