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4 December
Graham L. Ross - Early Suggestion of No Fault Compensation
In a letter to Mr D Watters of the Haemophilia Society, solicitor Graham Ross somehow reveals as early as 1986 (nearly 3 years before the Haemophilia HIV Litigation got properly underway) that in relation to investigating the cases of haemophiliacs:

"the final outcome would be some element of no fault compensation for all haemophiliacs".

Note: It is extremely odd that a solicitor should mention "no fault compensation" (which could be considered a "compromise") in an opinion disclosed so early on. In fact, the opinion was committed to paper nearly 3 years before the Haemophilia / HIV Litigation really got off the ground.

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Type: Graham L. Ross, J. Keith Park & Co. Solicitors, letter to Mr D Watters, Haemophilia Society, dated 4 December 1986
Location: UK
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Litigation Commences
The co-ordinated litigation commenced in June 89 with a hearing before the nominated judge, Mr Justice Ognall.
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Type: Legal Action
Location: UK
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