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"To no one will we sell, to no one deny or delay, right or justice."
Magna Carta - 15th June, 1215

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26 March
Landmark Legal Action - Mr Justice Burton - HCV Litigation
A landmark case, A vs. National Blood Authority, is brought by 114 people infected with HCV via contaminated blood. Mr Justice Burton rules compensation be paid by the National Blood Authority and Velindre NHS Trust.
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Additional Source: A vs. National Blood Authority
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Type: Legal Action (Hansard)
Location: UK
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20 April
Dr F G Williams - WBS - HCV Litigation: Reason Minister Decides Not to Appeal
Dr F G Williams, Director of the Welsh Blood Service in a paper for a Velindre NHS Trust Board Meeting entitled "Effects of the Hepatitis C Litigation", includes mention of the reason why ministers decided not to appeal. Under point 9, Dr Williams writes:

"After careful consideration the Minister has decided not to appeal against this judgement. As the Consumer Protection Act was enacted as a direct result of the European Directive this would be taken to the European Court as final arbiter and, as stated previously, the European Directive was tighter in its wording then the Act in the United Kingdom."

Source: Dr F G Williams, Director, Welsh Blood Service, Minutes Paper for Velindre NHS Trust Board Meeting. 27 April 2001
Type: Minutes Paper - HCV Litigation: Decision Not to Appeal
Location: UK
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23 April
Lord Burlison - Health Minister - Government Decide Not to Appeal Against Judgment
Lord Burlison: "The Government have decided not to seek leave to appeal against the judgment. Although an appeal would have provided an opportunity to seek clarification on some aspects of the judgment that may have a bearing on the future liability of the National Health Service bodies, the Government did not wish to subject the claimants to a further period of uncertainty while an appeal was under way".

Note: The reason not to appeal was just the opposite. Any appeal would have gone straight to the European Court as final arbiter.

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Type: Hansards Lords Debate - Hepatitis C
Location: UK
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9 November
Jacqui Smith - Health minister - High Court Decision / CPA
The recent decision by the High Court has no implications for anyone infected with hepatitis C before the Consumer Protection Act came into force in March 1988. This includes the vast majority of HAEMOPHILIACS who were probably infected before that date.
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Type: Statement
Location: UK
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23 May
Caroline Flint MP - Documents Destroyed In Error - Internal Investigation
Caroline Flint: "During the HIV litigation many papers were recalled, and following that we understand papers were not adequately archived and were unfortunately destroyed in error. Officials subsequently established during the hepatitis C litigation that documents relating to the Advisory Committee on the Virological Safety of Blood between 1989 and 1992 had been destroyed in error. Following this discovery, an internal investigation was undertaken in April 2000 by the Department's Internal Audit."

With regard to the "Hepatitis C Litigation", persons with haemophilia were excluded from these Consumer Protection Act (CPA) cases because the legal profession assumed that our hepatitis C infection occurred before product liability was absorbed into the Consumer Protection Act in 1987/88.

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Type: Commons Hansard - Shredded Documents (Blood Products)
Location: UK
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