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"To no one will we sell, to no one deny or delay, right or justice."
Magna Carta - 15th June, 1215

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2 November
Government - Change of Minister
William Waldegrave is now Secretary of State for Health.
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Type: Political climate
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11 December
Mr Waldegrave - Health Minister - Liability in relation to Crown Immunity
Mr Waldegrave: "We believe that our case is legally strong and that the plaintiffs would not succeed in proving negligence on the part of the Department of Health. None the less the Government have always recognised the very special and tragic circumstances of the haemophiliacs infected by HIV and of their families."

"The Government have therefore agreed in principle to meet the Steering Committee's proposals."

"...the proposed settlement will require the formal approval of all individual plaintiffs, and in the case of minors, of the court,..."

It is interesting to note that the Health Minister is surprisingly confident concerning Department of Health liability in relation to Crown Immunity, especially considering that he had only been Minister for just over 1 month.

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10 June
Mr Waldegrave - Secretary of State for Health
"I welcome the announcement today in court of the conclusion of this litigation and the acceptance of the terms of a settlement by the overwhelming majority of those in England and Wales who were pursuing action. The Macfarlane Trust special payment [2] set up on May 3rd has already begun to make payments."
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Type: Haemophilia Ex-gratia No-liability Recompense
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17 February
Mr Waldegrave - Payments to Apply to Spouses, Partners and Children
Mr Waldegrave, Health Secretary:
"I have decided that the special provision already made for those with haemophilia and HIV is to be extended to those who have been infected with HIV as a result of National Health Service blood transfusion or tissue transfer in the United Kingdom. The payments will also apply to any of their spouses partners and children to whom their infection may have been passed on. The rates of payments are shown in the table. Similar help will be available throughout the United Kingdom."
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