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10 March
Macfarlane Trust Formed
The government agrees funding for the Macfarlane Trust charity to assist haemophiliacs who contracted HIV from contaminated blood products.
Source: Additional Source: Sunday Observer, April 16th 2006
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Type: MFT Formation - Observer Press Timeline
Location: UK
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29 March
Eileen Trust Formed
The Eileen Trust is established out of funds provided by the Secretary of State to support people who have become HIV positive because of NHS treatment, transfusions or needlestick injury.
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Additional Source, Patient UK, Ref. Eileen Trust
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Type: Trust Formed
Location: UK
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7 June
Confusion Over Total Amount Already Paid Via the Macfarlane & Eileen Trusts
In a Written Answer of Wednesday, 7 June 2006, with the subject heading HIV/AIDS (Blood Transfusions), there appears to be some confusion over the total amount already paid via the Macfarlane (MFT) and Eileen Trusts:
  • Pete Wishart (Perth & Perthshire North, Scottish National Party): To ask the Secretary of State for Health how much compensation has been paid by the UK Government to those who contracted HIV through blood transfusions. [74297]
  • Caroline Flint (then Minister of State for Public Health, DOH): Up to March 2006, the United Kingdom Government have distributed a total of 39,787,617 via the Macfarlane and Eileen Trusts, to those who contracted HIV infection from blood transfusions or from treatment with blood products.
Note: We have to take issue with the above use of the word 'compensation'. No 'compensation' has ever been paid - that would require an acceptance of liability as compensation schemes tend to arise in circumstances where responsibility has been admitted.

Background: We have to wonder whether the DOH are confused and ignorant as to how much the Trusts have received over the years. On 10th April 2003, Mr Hutton quoted 42 million as a total figure: "The Government originally paid 42 million to a trust from which payments are made to haemophiliacs infected with HIV virus...". Why then, over 3 years later, do we find a discrepancy of over 2 million?

Note: The Department goes to great pains to portray that they have every sympathy with our position, however, their SINCERITY is perhaps questionable when they appear to have no idea how much they've paid out and that they regard the matter of contaminated blood as having been dealt with legally; as demonstrated to us by their belief that the haemophilia community has received 'compensation'.

Source: Additional Source: www.They Work For
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Type: Hansard Written Answers, 7 Jun 2006 : Column 715W.
Location: UK
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