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DOH Re-affirms Aim of the UK to Become Self-sufficient in Blood Products
DOH issues a press release re-affirming the aim of the UK to become self-sufficient in the supply of blood products by mid-1977.
Source: Self-sufficiency in Blood Products in England and Wales - A Chronology from 1973-1991. DOH (2006)
Type: Press release. Taken from DoH Self-sufficiency Report
Location: UK
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14 March
Medicines Division - Premature Discussion of the Export of UK Blood Products
In a Medicines Division (DHSS) circular of March 1978, we are surprised to read of attempts from commercial companies, such as Cutter Laboratories, to market through the UK private sector blood products which have been manufactured from raw materials obtained in the UK and Europe:

"A final possibility is that, since the blood products would be emanating from the U.K. they would carry the cache of our good manufacturing practice. No product licence is required for the export of blood (unlike immunological products) but this subtle distinction between the holding of a manufacturers licence and the holding of a product licence would doubtless be missed by the purchaser overseas." (point C, line 3)

"It is my own view that assuming the company elect to go for the manufacture of blood products within the UK followed by export one should make it clear that inspection of the premises established in the UK would be very likely combined with inspection of the premises from which blood was obtained since these are part and parcel of the whole operation. This would certainly be so if product licenses were involved since blood as a raw material is caught under S.I. 1971 No. 1200." (page 2, lines 6-12)

"If this produces alarm and despondency in the hearts of Cutter Laboratories then it would appear that my suspicions are not unfounded and that the firm are trying to dodge tighter requirements in the interests of making a PROFIT disregarding safety." (page 2, from line 12)

Note: What on earth were Medicines Division doing even considering the exportation of blood products overseas when the UK hadn't got anywhere near enough for their own haemophiliacs? This is hard to comprehend in light of the DOH press release of April 1976 where they re-affirmed the aim of the UK to become self-sufficient in the supply of blood products by mid-1977. (see related entries link below)

It's a great shame the DHSS couldn't have concentrated on getting the UK self-sufficient before looking into the idea of exporting blood products.

Type: Medicines Division Circular, Room 212, F.S.H. Dated 14th March 1978
Location: UK
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