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Hepatitis B Screening Becomes Available
Screening for Hepatitis B becomes available.

Note: The screening of donated plasma for hepatitis B, (HBV) is introduced by BPL in November 1971.

Source: Self-sufficiency in Blood Products in England and Wales - A Chronology from 1973-1991. DOH (2006).
Notes from Regional Transfusion Directors meeting. 10th January 1973.
Type: Screening development - HBV. Taken from DOH Self-sufficiency Report
Location: UK
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Dr Craske - Sudden Rise in the Incidence of Hepatitis
When commercial factor concentrates are introduced more widely between 1974-1975, there is a sudden exceptional spike of 5.2% in the yearly incidence of hepatitis. The yearly incidence otherwise remains roughly the same for 11 years between 1969 and 1980.
Source: Craske J. Public Health Laboratory. The epidemiology of Factor VIII and IX associated hepatitis in the UK. October 1980.
Type: Proceedings of an International Symposium, Royal College of Physicians, Glasgow.
Location: UK
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Travenol Hemofil - Outbreak of Hepatitis B
In August 1975, Travenol withdraws Hemofil after the product is associated with an outbreak of Hepatitis B. It is recognised that commercial factor concentrates are associated with these outbreaks.
Source: Lindsay Tribunal Report. Pages 65, 175-176, 274.
Type: Product Withdrawal - Hemofil
Location: UK
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2 August
Dr Craske, et al
Dr Craske, et al, report in Lancet an outbreak of hepatitis in England that shows that commercial concentrate is more risky than NHS concentrate.
Source: HIV Litigation, Advice on Settlement Document, Appendix 1, Chronology, pp 56-58.
Type: Lancet report
Location: UK
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2 August
Dr Craske, et al. - Hepatitis Outbreak - Commercial Factor VIII
At a haemophilia centre in Bournemouth, there is an outbreak of hepatitis which is associated with 3 out of 4 batches of a commercial brand of freeze-dried factor VIII concentrate between the months of April and June 1974.
  • 18 out of 20 patients receive commercial factor VIII
  • 9 patients become ill out of a total of 18
  • there are 4 cases of hepatitis B within 6 months of product use
  • there are 7 cases of non-B hepatitis
  • 2 of the patients contract both types of hepatitis
Source: Link #1
Type: Lancet Article - Hepatitis Outbreak
Location: UK
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Dr Craske, et al. - Commercial Factor VIII Associated Hepatitis
A retrospective survey of cases of hepatitis associated with a commercial brand of factor VIII is carried out in 24 Haemophilia Centres in the UK from January 1974 until December 1975. Four of the suspect batches of concentrate are found to be positive for HBsAg.
  • 371 patients are transfused with the commercial product
  • There are 78 cases of hepatitis affecting 66 patients (17.7%)
  • 1 patient dies after contracting Hepatitis B
  • 12 patients contract 2 types of hepatitis: Non-B hepatitis, then HBV later on
Source: Link #1
Type: Article - Retrospective Study.
Location: UK
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