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12 August
Factor VIII and Cryoprecipitate Supplies - Targets
In a letter dated 12 August 1976, the target of factor VIII production from all sources was a usage of over 40 million international units per annum. Plans had been agreed to produce 35 million i.u. per annum. It was pointed out that in theory this level of production had already been achieved in England and Wales, assuming a yield of 60 i.u. of factor VIII activity per donation of plasma processed to cryoprecipitate.

"We know that in addition clinicians are buying and using or accumulating commercially produced factor VIII concentrate at the rate of 10 million i.u. per annum." (paragraph 3)

"There is some highly potent cryoprecipitate about. I understand that the Edgware product contains levels of 100 i.u. factor VIII or more consistently." (paragraph 4, lines 1 and 2)

Type: Recovered Document - Letter ref. Factor VIII Supplies, 12 August 1976
Location: UK
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17 October
Haemophilia Centre Directors Meeting - Unlimited Supplies of Cryoprecipitate
In the minutes of the 14th meeting of the UK Haemophilia Centre Directors' Organisation on Monday, 17th October 1983, the following is stated regarding "unlimited supplies of cryoprecipitate":

"Dr. Chisholm raised the problem of patients refusing to take up commercial factor VIII concentrate because of the AIDS scare. She wondered in view of the worry of the patients whether the Directors could revert to using cryoprecipitate for home therapy."

"Professor Bloom replied that he felt that there was no need for patients to stop using the commercial concentrates because at present there was no proof that the commercial concentrates were the cause of AIDS. Dr. Chisholm pointed out that there was a further problem in her region because of problems in getting large amounts of commercial concentrates whereas she could get unlimited supplies of cryoprecipitate."

"Other Directors reported that they had the same problems. After discussion it was agreed that patients should not be encouraged to go over to cryoprecipitate for home therapy but should continue to receive the NHS or commercial concentrates in their usual way."

Background: This mention of an 'unlimited' availability of cryoprecipitate, right in the middle of the AIDS crisis in October 1983, demonstrates that there were viable, much safer alternatives for haemophiliacs in the UK.

Note: This statement regarding unlimited availability of cryoprecipitate directly contradicts what was stated in the 13th July 1983 meeting of the Biologicals Sub-Committee of the CSM. During that meeting, those present considered the possibility of withdrawing US clotting factor concentrates from the market and replacing them with cryoprecipitate, but they hastily concluded that this was not feasible in the UK on grounds of supply. (CSM Minutes, Agenda Point 5.3, 13th July, 1983.)

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Type: Minutes. UK Haemophilia Centre Directors Organisation, dated Monday, 17th October 1983.
Location: UK
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