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7 December
SEAC - Proposal to Anonymously Screen Blood with Prototype vCJD Test
In the Minutes of the 95th Meeting of the SEAC in 2006, it is clear that they wish to anonymously screen samples of donated blood using a prototype blood test. The discussion revolves around a test that can provide substantial data relatively quickly, but that the success of which will depend upon the performance of the prototype blood tests and they are used to confirm reactive samples from the initial screening tests. (Page 18)

Note: We have to wonder if our blood samples might have already been tested without our consent? We also wonder what pre-and post-test counselling provisions will be put in place, if any?

Type: Minutes - Draft Minutes of the 95th meeting of the Spongiform Encephalopathy Advisory Committee. 7th December 2006.
Location: UK
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12 February
Amorfix - Canada - New Blood Test for vCJD
Amorfix Life Sciences Ltd. announced today that it is presenting for the first time results from its Epitope Protection technology, a prototype commercial scale blood test for the diagnosis of variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, (EP-vCJD) at the Cambridge Health Institute's 11th Annual Conference on TSE Diseases in Baltimore, Maryland.

Dr. George Adams: "Our EP-vCJD" blood test is a major step forward because for the first time it allows for the rapid screening of tens of thousands of blood samples to determine how many people have been infected with vCJD and how many people are incubating the disease."

Dr. George Adams: "As Judge Krever noted in his report on Canada's HIV-AIDS blood testing, if transmission by blood transfusion is possible, then a blood transfusion service must act as if a disease is being spread through blood transfusions unless it has scientific proof it is not present. To date, four people in the United Kingdom have contracted vCJD by blood transfusion, with the latest case reported January 18, 2007. With our "EP-vCJD" test, we can finally determine the appropriate level of surveillance necessary to protect the blood supply from vCJD."

Type: Testing Development - vCJD Amorfix Life Sciences Ltd.
Location: Canada
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