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30 March
SNBTS Factor VIII Study Group - Discussion of Humans as Infectivity Study Models
In the meeting Minutes of the SNBTS Factor VIII Study Group of 30 March 1982, the following disturbing discussion takes place regarding infectivity studies:

"The use of animal models for infectivity study purposes was discussed. Chimpanzees would cost 10,000 per animal test per 6 months. If humans were used it would not be possible to have a "known positive" control. The methods of inactivation available were heat treatment; irradiation or absorption." (Page 5, paragraph 1, line 4)

"It was agreed that infectivity was the crucial question and the dilemma over the use of chimps (an endangered species), owl monkeys (information to be supplied by Dr Sommerville when available) and humans formed the basis of a long discussion." (Page 5, paragraph 2, line 7)

Note: It is disconcerting to read of infectivity study models involving human beings. We would have said that the crucial question should have been over the use of humans in infectivity studies. Did they carry this out, or was it just a discussion of what these doctors thought their options were?

Type: Freedom of Information (Scotland) Document. SNBTS Minutes of Factor VIII Study Group. Dated 30th March 1982
Location: Scotland
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30 March
Factor VIII Study Group - Prospective Trial of First Time Haemophiliacs
In the minutes of the Second Report of the Factor VIII Study Group of 30th March 1982, we read of further discussion of Chimpanzees:

"It is clear that chimpanzees can be used at a much younger age than was previously mentioned (2 yrs vs. 3 years). It is also rumoured that NIH costs (contracted to a colony in U.S.) are lower than those in Liberia." (Page 4, point b)

On page 5, under the heading "Procurement of Infective Material" we read that:

"Various people were contacted in the U.K., but none had much to offer. C. Rizza in conjunction with J. Craske are running a prospective trial of "first time" haemophiliacs receiving NHS and commercial concentrates." (Page 5, point 3.)

Note: We have to ask what the reference to "first time" haemophiliacs really means in practice? We would suggest that in order to meet the criteria for trials such as this, the haemophiliac subjects should not have been exposed to large pool concentrates - which would almost certainly mean that they were either a young child PUPs (Previously Untreated Patients), or moderate to mild haemophiliacs, who were again likely to be children, but might also have been adults.

Type: Freedom of Information (Scotland) Document - Second Report of Factor VIII Study Group, Safety Action Group Liberton. Dated 30th March 1982.
Location: Scotland
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