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25 February
Yvette Cooper - Need for CJD Infectivity Screening Test for Blood Donations
In a Commons Hansard of February 2002, Yvette Cooper responds to questions regarding the increased 'theoretical' risk of contracting CJD through blood transfusions:

Yvette Cooper: "We are supporting a number of avenues of research into a diagnostic test for CJD to enable a screening test to be developed for blood donations."

Yvette Cooper: "At the request of the panel, the Department has commissioned independent consultants to provide an updated review of the potential CJD infectivity of blood and blood products."

Note: We are concerned to read from these comments that after as long as 5 years, the Government have announced yet a further consultation into the risks from blood products with regard to CJD. (See link below for SEAC February 2007 Papers 97-5).
Source: Additional Source: SEAC Meeting Notes for 10th May 2007, see points 1, 2,7,11
Link #2
Type: Commons Hansard 25 Feb 2002 : Column 976W
Location: UK
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7 December
SEAC - Proposal to Anonymously Screen Blood with Prototype vCJD Test
In the Minutes of the 95th Meeting of the SEAC in 2006, it is clear that they wish to anonymously screen samples of donated blood using a prototype blood test. The discussion revolves around a test that can provide substantial data relatively quickly, but that the success of which will depend upon the performance of the prototype blood tests and they are used to confirm reactive samples from the initial screening tests. (Page 18)

Note: We have to wonder if our blood samples might have already been tested without our consent? We also wonder what pre-and post-test counselling provisions will be put in place, if any?

Type: Minutes - Draft Minutes of the 95th meeting of the Spongiform Encephalopathy Advisory Committee. 7th December 2006.
Location: UK
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10 May
DoH Seeks Advice from SEAC of Likely vCJD Infectivity of Plasma Products
In the Meeting Papers for the 97th meeting of SEAC, we read that the Department of Health have sought advice on the future assessment of likely vCJD infectivity associated with plasma products.


Point 7:
The Department of Health requests that the committee assesses, at a future meeting, the likely removal of infectivity during the process of producing plasma products from blood contaminated with the vCJD agent and considers the likely time period when infections from plasma products, if they took place, may have occurred.

Point 11:
The committee is requested to agree to assess, at SEAC 98 [on 20th July 2007], the likely infectivity of, and possible timing of infections from, plasma products derived from blood contaminated with the vCJD agent and produce a position statement.

Note: We are curious to read of this instruction, especially since in the earlier minutes of 95th SEAC meeting, we learn of a proposal to 'anonymously' screen samples of donated blood using prototype blood tests which they believe may also provide substantial data relatively quickly.

Is there a vCJD test? Persons with haemophilia should bear in mind that as early as October 2005, Chiron had a sensitive prototype vCJD test for human blood, and by February 2007, Canadian company, AMORFIX announced that they can now perform thousands of tests in a single day using a prototype commercial-scale blood test (EP-vCJD) for the diagnosis of variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease.

Source: Link #1
Additional Source: SEAC 95
Link #3
Type: Meeting Papers of the Spongiform Encephalopathy Advisory Committee (SEAC)
Location: UK
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