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Medical Research Council - Royal Free Hospital - Hepatitis Study
In the first minutes of the Medical Research Council (MRC) in February 1980, the problems of non-A non-B hepatitis (NANBH) are discussed:

"There was a problem of non-A, non-B hepatitis related to freeze-dried factor VIII and IX, both of NHS and commercial types imported from Austria and the USA. ...[Deleted name] described a recent study at the Royal Free Hospital of 11 selected patients of whom 8 received commercial concentrate, 2 NHS concentrate, and 1 cryoprecipitate." (page 2, paragraph 4, lines 1-6)

"Experiments so far showed that there were probably 2 types of non-A, non-B hepatitis associated with factor VIII. The second type had been produced by the same batch of 'HEMOFIL' which was associated with the Bournemouth outbreak in 1974." (Page 3, point 4)

Note: These minutes also show that Factor IX was being made by Immuno Ltd. in Austria; which would therefore constitute a commercial import with regards to Factor IX. (Page 3, point 3.4)

Source: Link #1
Type: Recovered Document - Medical Research Council (MRC) Minutes 14 February 1980
Location: UK
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Brands of Factor VIII Concentrate Used in UK Haemophiliacs in 1980-81
The following list shows the brands and trade names of Factor VIII concentrate used by UK haemophiliacs in 1980 and 1981 (breakdown by manufacturer):

Manufacturer Trade Name
Abbott Profilate
Armour Factorate
Cutter Koate
Hyland Hemofil
Immuno Kryobulin
Speywood Humanate
Hyland Interhem

Note: We would like to draw attention to the fact that the Immuno is listed here as manufacturing a Factor VIII product under the trade name Kryobulin. As we are aware that Immuno Ltd. was a commercial company, we can safely describe 'Kryobulin' as a commercial product. (See the additional source and the related entries link below).

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Type: Breakdown of Brands of Factor VIII Concentrate Used in UK Haemophiliacs in 1980-81
Location: UK
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