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West Germany Introduces a Surrogate Test for NANBH in 1965
In the Haemophilia Society's 'Submission to the Archer Inquiry' of 2007, we learn of how many countries used surrogate tests to determine the presence of Non-A Non-B hepatitis (now Hepatitis C):

"The UK was one of the last countries in the western world to introduce a test for hepatitis C. Prior to the discovery of a specific test in 1989, many countries used surrogate tests. These tested people for raised ALT (liver enzyme) levels or hepatitis B. Although surrogate tests were crude and showed a high number of false positives, many countries thought it best to err on the side of caution."

"West Germany introduced a surrogate test in 1965."

"Other European countries such as Italy and France followed suit. The USA introduced surrogate tests in September 1986."

Note: Whilst the main thrust of this entry is to draw attention to the fact that West Germany introduced a surrogate test in 1965, we dispute the reference in the submission that a specific test for HCV was discovered in 1989. We firmly believe that the Chiron Corporation discovered, cloned and sequenced the Hepatitis C virus - the causative agent of Non-A Non-B Hepatitis (NANBH) two years earlier, in 1987. (see related entries link below.)

Source: Secondary Source: Haemophilia Society Submission to the Archer Inquiry (2007):
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Type: Haemophilia Society - Submission to the Archer Inquiry (2007) - Page 23, paragraph 4.
Location: Germany
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Chiron Corporation - Discovery of Hepatitis C Virus (HCV)
A team of scientists, working at the Chiron Corporation, discover, clone and sequence the Hepatitis C virus - the causative agent of Non-A Non-B Hepatitis (NANBH).

The pioneering work of scientist Michael Houghton, Ph.D. and colleagues Qui-Lim Choo, Ph.D. and George Kuo, Ph.D. goes back as far as 1982.

Source: Link #1
Type: Development
Location: USA
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