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13 July
Committee on Safety of Medicines - Biologicals Sub-Committee
The Biologicals Sub-Committee of CSM recommends that very little is done about the threat of AIDS to haemophiliacs.
  • The possibility is considered of withdrawing clotting factor concentrates from the market and replacing them with cryoprecipitate. It is concluded that this is not feasible in the UK on grounds of supply. (Minutes Agenda Point 5.3)
  • The possibility is considered of withdrawing US preparations from the UK. It is concluded that this is not at present feasible on grounds of supply. Moreover, the perceived level of risk does not at present justify serious consideration of such a solution. (Minutes Agenda Point 5.4)
Source: Additional Sources: Haemophilia HIV Litigation, Advice on Settlement Doc., pp 56-58.
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Type: Minutes - Committee on Safety of Medicines
Location: UK
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13 July
Introduction of this Disease into the Virgin Soil of the United Kingdom
In the summary of main points from a consideration of AIDs in relation to licensed blood products by the Committee on Safety of Medicines (Biologicals Subdivision) in July 1983, we read the following:

"There is need for research work on AIDS in the UK, especially in relation to the possible new introduction of this disease into the virgin soil of the United Kingdom.
The Sub-Committee was glad to learn that a number of groups, including the Medical Research Council, are planning and have started research work."

Note: We fail to understand why they talk about the "possible new introduction of this disease". Are we to believe that they somehow helped introduce it to the UK?

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Type: Penrose Evidence File
Location: UK
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10 October
MRC Working Party - Controlled AIDS Study of UK Haemophiliacs
In an October 1983 meeting of the Medical Research Council, the Chairman, Dr Tyrrell, indicated the need to ensure that the best use be made of the special combination of suitable patients for study and the clinical, immunological, virological and other expertise that was available in the United Kingdom:

"The special features arising in relation to haemophilia were discussed and the possibility of identifying the role of imported Factor VIII concentrate used for UK patients was outlined. There followed discussion on the varying and considerable period of incubation (1 to 4 years) and the possible relationship between the size of inoculum of the PROPOSED AGENT and the length of latency." (page 2, point 3a, line 14)

"It was noted that blood product associated cases could enable some of these alternative hypotheses to be tested." (page 3, end of paragraph 4)

O"pportunities Special to the United Kingdom:"
"The Working Party sought to identify particular opportunities for research unique or special to the United Kingdom. The fact that the epidemic was lagging some three years behind that in the USA was considered an important factor in enabling the background against which AIDS develops to be delineated. This could enhance our ability to detect the emergence of AIDS and virological status of the high risk groups. The underlying immunological and virological status of the high risk groups BEFORE they encountered the "AIDS agent" could thus be defined." (page 4, point 4)

"The UK system for haemophilia treatment and for blood product organisation would allow detailed study of haemophilia associated cases which has not been possible in the USA due to their system of record keeping and organisation." (page 4, end of paragraph 3)

"The organisation of epidemiology in the United Kingdom was well suited to studying this problem. The importance of establishing such studies early in the emergence of disease was again stressed." (page 4, final paragraph, line 5)

"It was noted that in addition the UK offered particular opportunities to pursue carefully controlled and monitored therapeutic trials." (page 5, paragraph 2)

"It was thought that suspect blood products could provide valuable raw materials for work of this type. Indeed, the possibility of fractionating blood from patients with "pre-AIDS" in order to concentrate the agent was a notable suggestion." (page 5, paragraph 4, line 10).

Type: Minutes - Medical Research Council Working Party on AIDS. Dated Monday 10th October 1983.
Note: The following departmental observers were present at this MRC meeting: Dr W. M. Prentice (SHHD) and Dr Diana M. Walford (DHSS)
Location: UK
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